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      Many people get pregnant at anearly age…but i am scared to death to tell my parents. Espeically my mom. My dad will be easy to tell because i can tell my dad anything. But I am going to disappoint my mom I know I am. This is going to kill her. Any advice on how to tell her?:(


        Well, the easiest way for me was to just sit her down and tell her. Hiding it only makes it worse. Make sure she knows what you are going to do, and dont let her talk you into something you dont want to do.


          What I did was I thought out everything first. You need to make a plan for what your going to do, that way she sees you as being more mature about the situation. Then sit her down and just tell her. Then she may be upset or cry or whatever but then start to tell her your plans. You can even write a letter to her. Sit dwn with her while she reads it, if your uncomforatbkle about talking with her. Hope I helped 🙂



            look i never had a baby me and my boyfriend plan to have a baby in the summer hes 18 me 15 i think u should write a letter or take her out to eat or put a pregnacie test on her bed:) good look tell me what happened


              i was 17 when i found out i was pregnant i am now 18 but i had to tell my mom as soon as i found out. i knew it was something that had to be done and i really wanted her to know! pregnancy is not something you can hide. so what i did is the night i found out i only told my boyfriend!! i thought that whole night and most of the next day and i just came home and told her mom i am pregnant. she cried at first but has been very supportive the whole time! just don’t let her try to make you make a decision you do not want to make. you will always have to live with yourself and the decisions you make! i am here if you need to talk about ANYTHING just let me know if you have anything you need to talk about and i will try to help you out as much as i possibly can!!
              keep me posted!!

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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