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      [b]Hi I need some information please do not feel sorry for me it was my mistake I want to share my story with someone I am 16 years old and 15 weeks pregnant my mom and dad is the best parents that any teenager would love to have and I feel that I dissapointed them


        Well Nicky being young and pregnant does disappoint your parents but they will come around. It may not be today or tomorrow but it will happen. Hopefully your parents will support your decision and back you up. You can and will do this. Just because you are young doesn’t mean life is over. Set goals for yourself and stick to them. Life is what you make of it. I wish you the best of luck and I am here anytime to chat. Jessica


          Hi! Disappointing my parents is my biggest fear. I am not pregnant at the moment, but have been before, (miscarried) and i had a very supportive mother. Which almost made it harder because i knew that she wanted better for me and she deserved to be proud. It was hard dealing with my family and i didnt even get through the first trimester. The guilt is just something you have to live with. And know that they raised you to be your own person and make your own mistakes so you can grow and become a better person. You have made a mistake, are dealing with the consequences and hopefully will learn. Good job! Congratulations on your baby!


            I know how it is I was 15 when I found out I was pregnant which was only 2 months ago ! I’m 16 now . I ended up getting an abortion it wasn’t the right choice for me I felt so dissapointed in myself and I felt like I failed my family and people around me . I know how it feels trust me. I know how it is to be pregnant young , scared, unsure of what to do and afraid of what others would think.Make sure you really think about what you want . This will affect your whole life either way. Abortions are not easy I am far from over it I regret it every day I didn’t think enough and I hope you dont make that same mistake . No matter what you end up chosing I wish you all the best of luck and I’ll be here if you want to talk. I know that I made the wrong decision and I have to live with it I wish I hadnt cared so much of what people thought and I wish I had been stronger than I was . I was young and afraid and I gave into what my dad and sisters thought would be for the best but I didn’t go what I wanted and now I won’t get to see my baby or hold it . I know being young and pregnant is hard and now your 15 weeks so your deffinatly running slowly out of options if you don’t make your mind up soon abortion won’t be one of them. But make sure you don’t make it to quick think real hard and think about how each decision will change your life and pick the one best for you. Good luck and stay strong!


              hey there if u want to share yor story just email Becky, Julie, Rachel, or Lisa.



                hi hunny, i know how you feel i just told my parents
                a week ago, my mom wanted nothing to do with me
                but now she is ok,
                there is a life growing in you now! life is precious!
                your parents will be upset but they will love that baby.
                try not stress to much! it all works outB)


                  I want to say that I dont feel sorry for you and I am glad that you have wonderful parents:) I was a teen parent also, and I know the feeling of disappointing your family. But I am 34 yrs old now and it has made my family very proud how I have raised my children. How I went from a teen mom, to finishing school. Getting a job, my own car and own place to live. It made me very independent, and responisble. You sound like you have your head on your shoulders and your parents disappointment will pass. When they see you care for your baby on your own, and doing whats right, they will be very pleased, and proud of you.
                  Good luck sweetie:)
                  Im here to listen or talk to anytime.


                    The best advice i can give you is everyone has a fear of disappointing there family , especially our parents , but we are only human and we make mistake . And they love you unconditionally so there be there for you . For now just worry about that precious baby inside of you , everything will fall into place .


                      Hi im 16 weeks prgnant and told my mum at 12 weeks she wasn’t happy and she still isnt i’m not as young as you. I’m 32 age doesn’t matter if your mum will be disapointed in you well let them but do tell them because you do need prenatal care you need to book into hospital and well have those first pictures of your baby. Take your mum with you once she sees her grandchild she should change her mind. Dont forget we all make mistakes the only thing we can do is try not to maje them again. Trust me this is very hard as a mum to 4 other boys and on my own this disappointment to my mum will only last till he and yes another boy will last untill she holds this baby.

                      sophia roses mummy

                        heyy 🙂

                        my mum was awful to me when i fell pregnant over a year ago and it ended in a forced abourtion i was 15 years old. i fell pregnant at 14, and yes it was a stupid mistake.
                        and im now pregnant with a little girl and due 22nd november 2009 and me and my boyfriend had to stand up to my mum & dad.
                        how did it go telling them?
                        how are u now?
                        love and hugs gabby xx

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