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      around the time of court when i was dating mike he started acting really horrible to me saying itz not fair that i had a baby with another guy after he wanted to be with me for all these years and his cousin "jelly" told him to break up with me because i had a baby and he did. i was so0o heart broken i thought he could of been my soulmate ( he was perfect) i was so0o upset i have also lost a best friend ( he never wanted to talk to me again)… after him i tried to date a little and i found a really hot guy named "andrew" and we dated for like a month or 2 and he eventually broke up with me over the same reasons ( i had a baby). i got really depressed after all of that crap and i started missing chris and having nightmares and dreams about him s0o i tried to make contact with him but he didnt want to talk, eventually he did though we started hanging out and then we started dating again. all the court drama was settled half custody ( it hurt) and we have been together ever since then but not allowed in eachothers houses because of all that promblems.. his father moved from ohio to deleware with his wife and wanted me chris and the baby to move and we did! it was the most scariest experience of my life and saddest but i left my friends my neighboorhood and my parents but i did it. ive beenhere for the last 2 weeks and the tug of war over my daughter has been happeaning again and his parents talking crap about me and telling me what to do with my daughter and he starting to control me again! what do i do? im so0o depressed the only good thing that is happeaning for me is i got accepted to a cosmotology school.. i love make up and fashion! i dont think he is my soulmate. should i leave?(well be in court again!) i cant breath here please help me!!!!!


        i think thats a des, you know you have to make but if i was you i would get my stuff n say good bye dont let noone run you or your life., if you do saty go to school n try to get a job on the side i know easier said than done but you have to gte out before it gets worse. why did you leave all your fam n friends behind for love is that why?? im a bit confused but def make your choices n make them now n dont ever let anyone control you n tell you what to do with your child, good luck keep us posted on what happs.,


          Well darling, I think you need to do some serious thinking and make a decision you are going to stick with. You need security for you and your baby girl. Especially if the babies dad is going to be like that with you just make the right decision for yourself and how you feel. I hope everything is ok and try to look forward to your future xx

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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