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      I got together with my son’s father, my son is 1 year and one day old. *peter did’nt want to believe that it was his child till I took him for DNA tests and he saw with his own eyes that it was HIS SON. He only started to suport us when my son was almost 10 months old. ..long story. But now we are together again but we do argue alot . And to me it feels as’if he does’nt want to help me to suport our child I can ask him and he’ll do it but he’ll go with me and want to know why I get this and why do I get that. And if I’ll ask him to help me, not our child, but me….he just won’t. I am so scared this confuse our baby because we don’t stay together but often sleep over. WE never fight infront of our child but how can I be happy if it only feels as’if he took me back only for the child? What will this do to our 1 year old baby????:dry:


        hey!! well chicken i do understand why your worried about the situation!! i no your child is the most important ‘link to the chain’ and that you jus want to be a proper family! its common for women to stay with their husbands JUST so as there child can have a wats considered as a "normal" upbringing by having BOTH parents but whos to say that this is the best option in every case???

        ITS NOT!!!

        i cant tell you the answer, the one person that will truley no this and the only person that can answer this question truthfully would be YOU!

        this is YOUR family!! and you no wats best!! you just have to come to the conclusion as to wat EXACTLY this is!!

        i really wish you nothing but the BEST!! goodluck chicken!! please try not to worry too much!! your baby will always have two very important people in his/her life one of them being YOU!!! no NO1 can take that privilage away from you!!

        keep me posted!! xxxxxx


          🙂 Thank you soooo much for your reply, I did talk to him about everything, it was one big fight, but he came back and said that he is willing to give the things up that is causing all of this and he will compromise a 100%. I will give it time now to see if it’s going to work’out but if not…there won’t be a second chance. Then the only thing left after that will be; to be friends only.:kiss:
          Thank you……


            your so welcome if ever you need to talk im here yeh?



              if u feel that he’s back with u just for the baby, that’s not the relationship for a baby to grow up in, it’s better to be seperate and happy then together and miserable…..besides the baby is still too young to remember anything about fighting or anything……so he/she will be fine….i just suggest getting out of the relationship if it’s not what u want ur baby to grow up in….


                well, guys can be jerks a good number of times. LEt you in on a secret: he’s scared out of his wits. I can remember myself in his situation and it’s really scary. Imagine, giving up days with his buddies chugging bear while watching games or rides on the town and hooting hot chicks. All that’s bye-bye for him now. It’s a bit sudden but that how it is.

                I’m sorry he had to see a DNA test to believe you. It’s not easy for anyone to be doubted about these things.

                You really did get yourself in a difficult situation but it’s a good sign that he’s willing to work with you. For the moment though, try not to get pregnant again. You mentioned that you’d sleep over and I guess that means sex while you’re alone. Avoid that because it will mess things up a bit more.

                Please be patient with him. Yes, your situation isn’t the best in the world but it is what you make of it. Work together in this. Everytime you try to make him understand where you’re coming from, understand also where he’s coming from no matter now childish it may seem to be.

                Take care of yourself and any time you need a guy’s perspective, email me here. 🙂

                Will be praying for you.


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