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      I was just curious. Does anyone know if there is anyway to tell eariler if you are gregnant. I am hoping to be. I am a mother already but I just didn;t know if anyone knew arround whattempature your basil body tempature would be if you were? I have suffered loss in the last few years ( a set of twin girls Dec of 05 and two before that). I was hoping that someone could give me a suggestion besides waiting to take a test.


        yes…bbt (basal body temp.) before ovulation (day 1 would be the start of your period, so days 1-14 ) would be about 96.5-98.6F and two days after ovulation (days 16-28) would be slightly higher from 97.4-99.8F. If you were pregnant, the DAY of you expected period, the temp. increase would stay leveled. (so if after ovulation you were 98.9F, on the day of your expected period you would remain 98.9F) but if you’re NOT preggo, if would dip back to 96.5-98.6F. the reason for that is the increase in progestrone, the hormone that stops your period and supports pregnancy. If you were not pregnant, than the amount of natuarlly occuring progestrone in your system would drop so it can allow your body to ahve a menstrual period, and shed it’s uterine lining. also, check for obvious symptoms, anywhere between 3 days after ovulation and up to the day of expected period such as sore breasts, hard nips, bloated, tired, slight nausea, sensitivity to smells and small bumps around areaola as well as enlarged or darkened areola. good luck!!!;) go to, and my favorite,…

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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