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      Hi, my name is ALyssa!
      im 16 years old, im almost sure im pregnant!
      im gonna take a test soon, just scared!
      but how do i tell my parents!
      there gonna hit the fan!!!!
      i cant write a letter cause well were always together!
      I love my boyfriend and he and his friends are very supportive!
      i just need to find a way to tell my parents.

      i was raped a while back and they still havent gotten over that!

      erg what do i do?


        Tell them calmly and responsibly. Tell them your plans for the future. For example: "Mom, I just found out that I’m pregnant. I’ve thought it through and I’m planning on keeping the baby. I’ve made a doctor’s appointment for the 27th of this month and I’m going to start working so I can pay for the visits." Tell them that you’re open to suggestions but ultimately you’re going to make the final decisions. Good Luck!


          Hi Alyssa!
          Yikes, sounds like you have quite the situation.
          Take the test, ok? You don’t have to worry about how to tell them until you know for sure.
          Actually, you might still want to consider writing them a letter and then leaving for a few hours to give them time to get out their first emotions.
          Sometimes what helps is to say things like how scared you are and stuff like that.
          If you don’t want to write a letter you could ask to go out to supper with them and then tell them at the restaurant (maybe write them a note and have them read it there) because they can’t act TOO bad in a restaurant. 😉
          No matter how you decide to tell them, I promise that you will feel ten times better when they know and you don’t have to hide it.
          But like I said, no need to worry about it until you take the test. 😉
          Good luck, hun! Let us know how it goes!

          P.S. That must have been so hard! You said that your parents still haven’t gotten over it, but how are you doing?


            u can do what i did . i found out i was preg my bf dropped me off at my mom where my mom n dad was and i went in layed the paper in front of them and left. then 2 days later i lost my baby and the 2 monthes later i got preg angian anf my sis told them and know m 3 monthes along

            princess Angela

              Telling the parents is hard…. Im 18 and it was hard for me to tell my parents because the babies dad hit me and things and made life hell really… So one day i built up the courage went to work came home and then sat down and told my parents well dad really mum already new… He asked me if i was gettin rid of it and i said no and then asked who the father was and he got very angry and told me to get out of the room… i went to my room and cried for ages…. He didnt speak to me for nearly a week i think it was… But no matter how u tell them they generally always come around … Your carrying there grandchild and the thought of that is amazing even if at first they are upset… They are only tryin to look out for you an do whats in your best interest… I hope this helps you choose a way too tell them.
              Best of luck


                dont stress too much when you dont even know you ARE pregnant.
                I had that feeling of yes i will buy a test coz i was certain i was up the duff and nup..came back and bit me. It was a negative.



                  I told my mum when i couldnt hide it any more with my first baby, she was more pissed off that I hid it.

                  I told her the moment I knew for baby number 2, i even told her that i was trying for the second one, she wasnt happy for me to be trying but she didnt want to stop me.

                  You dont know till you try.


                    Depending on your relationship with your parents and their personalities I would say just go for it. This is NEVER easy…….. I told my dad the first time at 16 he hit the fan and then at 18 and he hit the fan again. If this is what you want stick to it. Stand your ground and chances are your parents wont be thrilled but they will come around. Best of Luck



                      usually moms notice that right away.when my cousin was pregnant, her mom found out even before she told her.


                        [color=#800080]i just found out last week i am pregnant.i am 16 n a half and i feel pregnant to my boyfriend of 2 years and we live with his parents… i am dreading tellin my parents as i dont no how’ll they will react i am goin 2 tel my mum then my dad as my mum is more understanding… i am wondering if anyone can tell me how long morning sickness lasts for because i have had it for the past week and wondering weather i will have it 4 the 9 months

                        thank you


                          It depends some women have it only for the first trimester, then there are women like my mother who had it for the whole 9 months even while she was in labor. So cross your fingers you’re not like that, eating cracker in the morning before you doing anythin helps too.


                            you should probably do what everyone else says… but i wouldnt have the guts. the only way my parents knew was my mom asked if i might be prego even before i knew and i said its possible so she made me take a test. then she told my dad. all i did was cry and feel embarressed. i know.. very mature. not. i think if my mom hadnt found out then i would have just kept it a secret as long as possible until she asked. but do not do that, especially if the only way u can see a doctor is to tell your parents.


                              well I still have not told my parents! But I have an idea of when and how to tell ! I’m going to write them an email and then go out for dinner and talk about what’s going on!!! But I have taken 3 test on 3diffrenr days one was positive and two were negative !!! I done know what to do now any ideas??


                                This is honestly the best way to go about it. You’ve got to let them know you’re in control of the situation, even if you’re faking it just a little. It’s okay to be scared, but you have to show them you’re going to be responsible. It’ll help them deal with it.


                                  I’m sure you’re scared, and probably confused, but you need to tell your parents. It would be so much easier than to have them find out some other way by accident. They would probably be way more upset than if you’d told them yourself. And you need help, you need prenatal vitamins, and prenatal care, and you need your mother. Every woman who is pregnant needs her mother, especially when surrounded with special circumstances. But just remember, any choice that will be made, is yours and YOURS alone. Don’t let anyone tell you they can make you have an abortion or take your baby away. You have rights sweetheart. Good luck!


                                    Let us know how telling your parents goes!
                                    What time did you take the tests? If you take a home pregnancy test first thing in the morning as soon as you get up it is the best time to get an accurate result as your urine is more concentrated.
                                    Let us know how it turns out! 🙂

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