how to make sure I’ll not miscarry my baby (again)

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      On February 13, 2006… I miscarry my second baby(14 weeks pregnancy). Now I being pregnance again, So I would like to know how to do and make sure I’ll not lost my baby again. Hope you can help! Thanks,


        Hello! You should probably talk to your doctor. An individual person can’t really answer this question, but a doctor trained in this specific field will be able to assess your situation and come up with a list of potential causes of why you miscarried last time. Then he/she will be able to help you in ways not to miscarry. It will most likely be bed rest and a certain healthy diet. Also just a quick tip that a lot of woman seem to be disreguarding: take folic acid tablets to help your growing baby and make sure to stray away from lots of caffiene (which includes chocolate) 🙁 Try and keep a healthy diet and don’t do anything too strenuous until you speak with youra doctor.
        Hope that helps.


          From one of my fav sites " A good diet, properly supplemented with folic acid (folate) and appropriate quantities of the other vitamins, will go a very long way…"

          Read this and see a doc.

          Miss Boop

            I miscarried on the 11th of Feb. 2006 but it wasn’t confirmed until a little later. The only thing I got to experience in that pregnancy was gaining 10lbs. and watching unbilical cord detatch from my placenta. I became pregnant again in late march, two weeks after my birthday and I am currently 6 1/2 months pregnant and am on bedrest because of stress and I was having contractions the week before last (preterm labor). I don’t know too many "doctor" terms but I have managed to get this far because of faith, actually following the food pyramid and enjoying every hour that I am pregnant. I have had a few infections but they were quickly treated becuse i never miss let alone am late for a prenatal visit with my OBGYN. Also stress. You have to by all means release any and all stress out of your life because any little thing can snow ball. I may be bored out of my mine and very sad almost depressed by being on bedrest but I have to remind myself that it is in the BEST intrest of my son!!! Gool Luck with everything!!


              Hey to me the best way not to misscarry is just to relax, and enjoy your pregnancy. I an trying to do the same, but i am not going to lie it is hard or for me it is. 🙁 I work at a place that is very stress related. We get busy and everyone starts to yell, and the yelling makes me mad, and then i get fusturated because i cant help them out when they need it because i have to stay on my side and not run. (i work and Sonic and thier we have to run ). But yeah its hard and sometimes i let the stredd get the bast of me i get angry and fusterated and all that stuff. But theni regret it later, when i am afraid that i may have hurt my baby. But take care and stay away from stressful things. Just relax.B) but if you need to talk to me you can i here almost all the time. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!:) 🙂

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