How soon can you find out the sex of the baby??

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      I will be 10 weeks pregnant tomorrow. I know I am still really early in pregnancy. But I was just wondering how soon I will be able to find out the sex of my baby. I heard the way earliest is like 14 or 15 weeks, is that true and is it accurate?? Should I just wait till I am 17 or 18 weeks to find out??

      How early did you find out?

      Thank you and I greatly appreciate it!!! 🙂



        hey Heather

        you can tell the sex (with more certainty) by the 17th week and its better that way bcoz lots of the time at 15 weeks the doc can mistaken the cord 4 a lil winkie hehe sooo better safe then mistaken right…


          Well, I know that they can make a guess as early as 14-16 weeks but it won’t be very accurate. In the U.S. the typical check is not done before 20 weeks. It’s at this halfway point that they do an in depth ultrasound to check the anatomy of the baby and the growth and also confirm or move the due date. They take measurements of the circumference of the baby’s head as well as the femur bone, check the heart, they can look for physical signs of down syndrome or cleft palette, and if your baby is cooperating, tell you the sex 🙂


            Well doctors usually don’t try until about 18 weeks or so, they like to be accurate. My doc told me at 19 weeks and a couple days. That’s around the best time to make sure they got it right.


              Doctors usually try to determine that around the 18th week or so! I found out at 20 weeks! However I could swear I was having a boy by 14 weeks, and at 20 weeks the doctor told me I was having a baby boy!




                  well i found out @ 17 weeks and 5 days that i was having a lil girl but it is better to wait till u r atleast 20 weeks so it will be more accurate. doctors or sonographers dont just tell u its a girl b/c they dont see an extrenal male organ it has more to do with the labia wich determines if it is a girl.


                    well i went in for an ultrasound around 19 weeks and they said im having a babygirl. and all along i had a feeling i was but yeah id say around 19weeks or so,

                  Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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