how soon and i take a pregnancy test and which one

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      i think i might be pregnant but i have never been in this position before…what do i do most women would ask there mom but mind passed away when i was 5. im getting married in 2 weeks and he thinks this could be the best wedding present i could ever give him. but i dont know what to do when can i take a home pregnancy test and which one should i take??? please if you know please tell me. like i said i would ask a family member but i have no female influence in my life. thank you so much


        any at home tests are good. it doesnt matter the brand. i have taken ept, first response, and a rite aid brand, needless to say they all came out with the same response.positive. how late are you? are you showing any of the symptons


          EPT has worked the best for me!!!


            First response has the earliest detection- up to 5 days before your missed period BUT thats only in some women. your best bet is to take a test like this one AFTER you miss a period- any day after! I took a first response and a kroger brand one and both worked the same! best of luck!!!

            39 weeks

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