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      I am 18 years old, a freshman in University, and i just found out that I’m about 7 weeks pregnant. I don’t know how to tell my mom. She went on vacation when i found out, so i had over a week for it to register with myself and the people around me. I’ve gotten over the shock of being a young mom, and have learned to accept it, so much infact that i’m terribly excited!!! I want to share this with her, but in her eyes, im like her perfect trophy child, and this news will completely destroy her. Any advice on how to tell her? I need to soon, because walking around the house like i don’t want to pass out, and throw up my daily meals is getting harder by the second. Thanks…


        Hun your 18 an adult i’m sure your mom will be accepting it may be hard for her at first but she’ll come around. I had my first child at 19 2nd at 21 and i’m due 22 and due w baby #3 april 08.been with my fiancee for 3 1/2 yrs i havent talked to my mom since my daughters 1st b-day and she’ll be 3 may 25th 08. but my fiancee’s mom took some time to get used to the idea that her little boy was gonna be a daddy at 21 but she loves her grandbabies with all her will be hard at first but it will get better i promise. good luck


          Your 18 so she can’t really do anything. But I thought my parents were going to KILL and they were mad at first but they got over it soon. And now that she’s here they absolutely adore her!


            i hid my pregnancy til i was 4 month,then i decided i couldnt do it anymore so i wrote my mum a letter sayin sorry for dissapointing her etc,she took it so well.there is obviously the initial shock will be tough but she will get over it.


              hun i know how u feel, when i got preg i had no idea how to tell my dad since i was his "good" child (whereas my brother has spent his teen years in and out of jail) and i was always getting great grades in school…when i got preg it was my senior year in high school and i was only 17 didnt turn 18 till 2 months b4 i had my baby……..well the point is tell her, she might not react the way u dad was angry at first but now he’s here and he loves his grandbaby!…


                i didnt look how old this post was…soo maybe you have already told her?

                but if you havnt, a good way is to write a letter and leave it there for her when your gone…that way she will have time to absorb it…and you wont have to see the huge freak out.

                but your 18. so its not that bad… at least your not 15 lol. imagine telling her then.

                but good luck.


                  Well I told her, I sat her down, and dropped the bomb, she looked and me and said "You’ve got to be joking" and walked away. Its been about a month now. She doesn’t say a single word to me. The only reason why I know she hasn’t forgoten about me is due to all of my family members coming back and telling me all the "pleasant" things that she has to say about me. She thinks I got pregnant purposely, which is in everyways ridiculous, and she thinks i’m not having an abortion to hurt her. I am currently in the process of packing all of my things, and moving to my dads house. (sigh) Sometimes, it’s just what you’ve got to do.


                    I would tell her before any of your friends do. Because its not awlays pretty to hera her daughter is pregant from one of her friends!!

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