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      old old does a boy have to be b 4 he can get your pergnant?


        Well… I did some research to this question/post… Here’s what I came up with…

        AGE 12!!!!

        Here’s a nice web site:


          i dont think there is an age really, how old is your boy may i ask? me and my bf want a baby. please reply. thanx xbethx


            any age, as long as how cums in you


              well the average age that boys hit puberty is 13 years old, and males produce sperm through their entire lives unlike females who are born with the only eggs they will ever have……so can i ask y you are asking this and how old u r?….


                Oh wow. Honestly, as soon as he starts shooting semen. That depends therefore on the individual because I have heard of some boys at twelve who already masturbate with the ability to ejaculate. Some supposedly can do this even earlier at maybe eleven or even ten. OF course, when boys brag about this, it may be a simple case of bragging. Some boys masturbate or at least play with themselves much earlier though ejaculation needn’t take place.

                If a boy is able to insert his penis inside a girl’s vagina, then it would indicate at least the beginnings of the ability. SInce it only takes one sperm to impregnate a female, it would be best to assume that one encounter could indeed lead to a pregnancy regardless of the boy’s age.

                Do yourself a favor, do not play with a young boy this way. That boy would easily play basketball with the guys in the park rather than be responsible for a pregnant girl. Some would want to be but at that age simply do not know how. Best to stay clear.



                  it doesnt really matter, im pretty sure there i kids as young as 8 that have been ble to do it.It something i havent bothered to look up. How old are u talking?


                    I am not sure, but i would like to know when you get the awnser, let me kno if you will?!?!?!?!:side:


                      My boyfriend is 15. I am 14, i am not sure what he wants i kno he wants to have one eventually, but i wouldnt mind having one now. how old are you and your boy? if i may ask


                        If you have to ask a question like that, I dont think you should be having sex.


                          You shouldnt be trying to get pregnant by a BOY or having sex with a BOY. A grown man who is bound to woman by marriage should have the honor and blessing of having sex and getting his wife pregnant.


                            um, becuz my bf and he’s 13 and my other one’s 15, and i really don’t want to get pregnant.


                              one of my bf’s 13 and my other one’s 15


                                I’m sorry if you dont like what I’m going to say but someone needs to tell you!!! I dont know how old you are but having two boyfriends at any age is wrong. A 13 or 15 yr old BOY (as in little boy NO responsibility) would not stick by you if you did get pregnant and I can bet you that within 6 or 7 years you wont be talking to either one of them. Please dont throw your life away by sleeping around and quit letting little boys take advantage of your body. You deserve more respect than that.!!!!


                                  truthfully i think your way to young to be considering having a baby. you’re 13 right? you need to live. when i was 13 i was worried about grades and school not getting pregnant.


                                    Old enough to produce sperm… I would think! May I ask why u want to know, is your man young??


                                      as long as hes matured(puberty) and making sperms…between 12-14

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