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      heya peeps
      i just wona know how long after u have a baby can u be pregnant agin???????
      i rly rly rlr rly need to know


        you are suppose to wait six weeks before you have sex so that your body can heal; so i guess you can get pregnant right after


          Im not exactly sure.. I know it’s unhealthy to get pregnant right after you have a baby but I knew someone who got pregnant as early as 3 months after having her baby


            I have a cousin who got pregnant less than two months after giving birth to her first child. I had an early-pregnancy miscarriage (first trimester) and then got pregnant again a few weeks later, which was a total surprise.


              Hey Sara. I had twins on April 17th and on July 20th I found out that I am pregnant once again, and that’s only about 3 months. So it is possible. I had a doctor appointment yesterday, and she said it actually happens quite a bit. I told her I was concerned about not being able to carry to term but she said I should be fine as long as maintain a healthy diet and take care of myself, by not carrying heavy things or stuff like that.


                I think it’s 6 weeks I may be wrong but I think it’s 6 weeks


                  You can get pregnant again within a matter of weeks, the earliest I know of is 4 weeks postpartum you just have to very careful during the consequent pregnancy as your body hasn’t had time to heal from the last one.


                    I’m in the medical field, and I’m a husband and a Daddy… Trust me- after your baby is born, if you have sex, you can get pregnant again! There is no magic grace period when you "can’t" get pregnant, especially if you are one of those women whose periods were not terribly regular to begin with.

                  Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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