How long, and what are the chances???

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      Hi, I was wondering how long is it before you can tell if you’re prgnant by doing a HPT? My boyfriend and I had sex for the 1st time today, and Im sooo afraid I’m pregnant even though we were extremely careful, we used a condom,there was no pre-ejaculation,and he never actually ejaculated. According to my calendar my ovualtion day was June 19th, and my next period is suppose to start like Monday, so I think it was a safe time, but still what are the chances of me getting pregnant? And when can I find out if I am?


        Hey everyone, since I posted this I had my period, it lasted 6 days. It was however like a day late. Is there still any possible chance I could be pregnant?


          I can not say for sure, but the best solution is to go to the doctor for the assurance


            Yeah there is a chance. You can still have your period after you get pregnant, I thought you couldn’t. But if you get it again, you are definitely not pregnant. I hope you get the result you want honey.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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