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      I dont know YET if Im pregnant or not. But lately I have been having back pain that feel horrible, and i’m feeling a bit queezy…

      Does that have anything to do with being pregnant?

      I’m scared that I might be. Right after I got my period I had sex, and I dont know whats wrong. In these couple of days i should be getting it again, BUT…I get my periods alomst every 6 months…WIERD.

      I got it in December and I didnt get it again untill July…How random is that? But if its like this couldn’t mean that it’ll be very hard for me to concieve?

      Help….Or….If anyone has any advise for me on what i should do…Please I would greatly appreciate it…:silly:


        Well i am not exactly sure but i think it is WAY to early to be having back pain, that comes normaly around the 5th month or so. You dont have any pressure on your back at the moment since your child (if you are pregnant) would be the size of a pea. It is normal to feel a bit queezy since your body will be going through ALOT of change… if i were you i would just take the test right away to be sure.


          Thankz…Hopefully I can Take it Wednesday…

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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