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      Hey well i figured it out pretty much i think im pregnant. I took my mom’s pregnancy test from under her sink and it came out positive. So now i pretty much have to tell my mom, but how? Im so scared i think she will hit me, my mom is really mean and told me i better not even b having sex so im really afraid. Plus my boyfriend(we been dating for 9 months) I’ll never get to see him again and I really do love him! I’m so worried I don’t know what will happen! Can anybody tell me how to explain to my mom or what would be a good idea…..



        hey sweetie.. i found out i was pregnant and i was scared to because my mom is the same way but i just sat her down and i had my boyfriend and his mom there to.. i just told here mom i need to tell u something your going to be mad and prolly kick me out but… im pregnant and she jus looked and so did his mom adn they both were mad that we didnt tell them sooner but i couldnt bcuz i didnt even knoe.. but now both of our parents are suportive…my mom took me to the doctors and i found out im 1 month ans 3 weeks along… im so happy… well you should tell your mom she’ll be mad but she has 9 months to get over it..they are mad at first but then they get all happy like oh my god im going to have a granchild… you should tell them… GOODLUCK!
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          Hello! I had the same problem but my boyfriend and i have known each other for about three years, we only dated for about three months though. I just graduated from high school too, so thats a plus. But i thought my mother was going to be madder at me then ahe was. She just walked away and didn’t say anyhing thill later that night. Now she is very happy for me. It’s going to be hard to raise this baby, but i can do it and so can you.


            i know that it sounds overly simple but you just have to tell her. do it calmly and take responsibility for your actions. your mom may be "mean" but she really loves you. my dad has always told me that i had better never have sex before marriage so when i told him he was verrrrry angry and yelled for a looong time. but i took it all in and told him yes i went against his rules but it was too late to go back and i needed him to be with me because he’s my dad. your mother will be upset because she loves you and she sees things change for you now in a more negative light but she will be there because she loves you- it just takes time. dont argue that what you did was justified or the fact that you love your boyfriend, that doesnt help (trust me the 3 yrs. i have with mine was not a good point in this argument esp b/c im 16). let her be angry and yell and cry. let your boyfriend "sit on the bench" until things calm down because parents tend to realize quickly how much you will need help and how any child needs a father. key point- TiMe!! i KNOW its hard i really do but you havta tell her and theres no way worth facing around the consequences. good luck!!! let me know if you ever need anything. things get hard and i dont know if youre religious or not but one thing that has helped me tremendously is when someone told me "we all make mistakes, lots of them, but God doesn’t. So, this baby cant be a mistake." your baby has a purpose and now you have even more of one to bring life into the world and help your child be all they can!! 😉


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