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      Hi im 16 and just found out im pregnant this monday i ve only told 3people my boyfriend his sister and her boyfriend but i dont know how to tell my mum and dad?

      there gonig thorugh alot at the moment my dads gf just lost a baby and my mums dad has just found out hes got cancer , i really feel like i need to tell them becauses its killing me them not knowing but even if i could right now im not sure how i would manage it!

      i havent even been to the doctors yet because i dont want them to find out now and get even more upset than they already are!

      what should i do im confused 🙁 xxx


        When I told my parents that I was they were very understanding.(my niece told my mom).. When my mom took me in to make sure she told me that I had to tell my dad. I am a daddys girl and he was out of town, I call him and told him and he said that he would do anything to help me out if I needed it.. and I didnt think he would be to happy cause he had just been put in the hospital for a snowmobile accident that left him paralyzed. My whole family (my dads side) was very very help ful… I think you should have your bf’s sister and her bf listen to you and talk out what you want to tell them and how… that is what a couple of my friends did and their parents were very helpful… Hope this helps…
        and Good Luck


          Hi there, In my opinion when one life is lost another is created. My grandfather died 5 days before I found out I was pregnant and I just knew that it happened for a reason. I know you are probably scared but just think, maybe its waht everyone needs. Something positive and promising to hold on to. Just remember the lord works in mysterious ways.


            thanks peeps, i told my mum and yeah she was shocked at first but shes coming round to the idea now and i feel better about it but as for my dad he flipped out i think it was a bit too much for him because ive always been his little girl but he should be alright about it, i feel so much better now ive told my family because ive got so much more support than i thought i wouldld xxx 🙂


              Im glad for you that it went well. Atleast as well as can be expected. Keep your chin up. You now have the most fulfilling job in the world. There is nothing like it.


                you need to just tell them…the more you wait the worse it will are preg you and your baby need the doctor, and need prenatal vitamins….don’t worry about how they will react, most of us imagine the worst and it is never as bad as we thought…just sit them down and tell them straight up…don’t hide it…..and tell them through a leter or text or anything like that…i told my dad while i was at school and he was at work over a hundred miles away, that is the only reason he was really mad at me…….so just learn from others mistakes…..if you need to talk you can eamil me….GOOD LUCK….


                  I think you should tell your mom first and she might not be as mad as you think she maybe. When I got pregnant with my first daughter I was 16 also and I was so scared to tell my family but I told my mom and she was mad for a little while but after I can tell she was kind of excited to be having a grand child. So just take your time and when ever your ready just tell your mom or dad but dont take to long to tell them…
                  Everything is gonna be ok girl don’t stress yaself….


                    ok… tell ur mom first. ur mom loves u and even tho she is going thru a hard time she will b there for u. she might b a lil disapointed at first but its better than her finding out from someone else later and being furious at u.


                      hey im 16 years old and i’m 22 weeks pregnant .im hiding my pregnancy from my mama but everyone know at school, im scared to tell her because i dnt want to hurt her, i haven’t been to the doctor expect one when i found out, i cnt do it. i’ve been spotting but i think u do that trough out ur pregnancy, but my babydaddy also my boyfriend wants to support me and be their for me like a daddy should and i appreciate that . i just really hope i dnt lose it. i juswt need a little advice to tell my mama and everything and to see why am i spotting.[/color][/color”>

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