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      im 12-13 weeks pregnant and i dont have a clue how to tell my mam and dad, i want to keep the baby but im only 15. i cannot have an abortion as i do not approve of them and that flippsyde- happy birthday song really made me not want to. my ex boyfriend knows but he isnt the right one for me as he takes overdoses, he was in hopsital last night because of overdoses, i know he would stick by me 110% but having a suicidde boyfriend isnt really what i want around a baby.. how do i tell my mam and dad?


        Well by now I feel you are WAAAAAY to far to even consider an abortion at this point. If they are like most parents they will of course be disappointed and all that. How did they feel about your boyfirend or whatever he is. I know they will deffinatly be concerned about that. Thats not the kind of person you want to be around much less that baby. If he wants to be a part of your guys’ life he NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDS to go to rehab!! None of that Lindsay Lohan or Brittney stuff. At this point he sounds like he could also use psych help. I think if he does get help that will take a BIG chunk of worry off your parents minds. And thats a speech you wont have hear. You also need to finish school! That will be another worry they will probly confront you with. Make sure you do that because you can provide such a better life for that baby in the future. I guess you just need to get your ducks in a row as much as you can as soon as you can. I know you can’t control alot at 15 y/o but change what you can. Talk to your man, if he doesn’t get better for you, tell him to do it for this little one. OH if you haven’t gotten to the doctor yet GO!!!


          I agree with you that a suicidal boyfriend is not the best choice for a dad….isn’t it strange how when you are pregnant your views about life and what we think is right and wrong dramatically change….I hope that you will tell your parents soon so that you can get to the doctors and begin prenatal care…I think the best way to tell your mom and dad would go something like this…Mom Dad…I need to talk with you about something very serious…I have been fooling around with my boyfriend….I know it’s not what you wanted for me and I am sorry for dissapointing you but I am pregnant…. I am scared because my boyfriend is not the best father figure and I look back and see now that I should have though about that before having sex…I am going to keep this baby and do what is right….I know it will be hard but my desire is to finish school and raise this baby the best that I can….I know that I have hurt you but can you please find it in your hearts to stand by me and help me care for my baby until I can do it on my own….I want to give my baby life just like you did for me…..Use your own words and make it personal…they are your parents and you know them better than I do so make sure you factor their emotions into how you present this….Please appologize for living a different life behind their backs and be willing to be grounded etc. with out talking back….They are your parents and they love you…let them love you and start making new choices today….dont let them talk you into an abortion though…they CANT force you to do it….just Stand UP and take responsibility and do your best to make things right with mom and dad….let us all know how it goes but do it soon…the longer you wait the more hurt they will be..Love and Prayers..Meg


            I just wanted to second everything Meg said adding that depending on how you feel your parents will react, you may want to tell one at a time so that you’ll have support with the difficult parent and/or if you have the type of parents who’ll scream and yell before you’ve even finished speaking, maybe write a letter stating basically what Meg said earlier. Also, if you have specific plans of how you’re going to handle the upcoming responsibilities, explain them to your folks, such as if you know of a particular school daycare program you’ll sign up for, getting a job, getting good prenatal care, etc. Show them you’re responsible and are willing and ready to take responsibility. As a parent, I’d be more supportive if I knew my child wanted not just to rely on me but was going to do what they could to help themselves. Too many girls think the government and the parents will handle everything. Show them you aren’t one of those girls.


              When I told my parents about my daughter they just yelled and sceamed for hours it seemed. In the long run they love Lily to death. I’m responsible for her, i work, and i just graduated from school. It was hard, but it can be done.
              But do find a way to get the father to understand that his actions could effect the baby’s system. The baby could come out with a tolorence for certain drugs. My nieces father was the same way and she can’t take any type of pain medicine because of him.


                if you want to keep your baby then keep it! beleive me an abortion is one of the few things in your life you can never ever take back. u will live with it every day and once your due date comes around you will be miserable. its your body. no one can take your child out of it. no matter waht people try to say or convince you- stay strong for your baby. its living off you and relies on you, moms, decision. i told my parents through a note. i knew i would cry the whole time so i wrote a letter explaining that i understood what i had done. and now want to take responsibility for it. i wanted my miracle to have the best life possible as did my parents for me when they had me. expect them to be upst. but u may be suprised. my dad just sat up told me to stop crying and hugged me. i was sure he would shoot me, but he supported me. in your note explain what you expect of ur parents-support- because its the only way you will be able to stabily get through. good luck! let me know how it goes.


                  I didnt want to tell my parents at all and I was 19… I waited a long time and I wish i hadnt… the stress of keeping something like that gets to you… you can try writing them a letter if you are good at it… i told my mom over the phone one night when she asked because i was getting bigger by the day. She eventually broke it to my dad. They cant kill you for it, which would be the worst case senerio. They are your parents and it will be alot more comfortable for you when its done. They may be so angry and say different things but you have to stick to your words… promise them that you wont be another statistic, you will finish school and you WILL support your own child, you just need their support. It is so important that you get it. about your bf… people confuse the fact that some people who are suicidal are not insane. I was suicidal at one point in my life. I overdosed twice and nearly succeeded… i later found out that it was a side effect of a pill i was taking that i didnt need in the first place. Effixor or somethin. teenagers go through alot of depression at a certain point, its one way of dealing with "the difficult years". please dont see him as a insane person… this baby might actually give him a light at the end of the tunnel… somethin to live for… ofcourse you know him better so the judgement is really on you, if hes in any way actually insane then for sure leave him… good luck hun

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