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      ok i only found out this week that im pregnant, roughly 5 weeks. My boyfriend is one hundred percent behind me and even though i was absolutely devastated when i first found out im actually becoming pretty excited. But my parents dont know yet. My situation is Im 17 and il be 18 in december.I just started college and my parents were so proud of me for passing my exams and getting my place in college.Im the second eldest in my family and my older brother who will be 21 in a few months just had a baby with his girlfriend in august. I just dont know how to tell my parents because they will be so disappointed (they had such expectations of me) and because its so soon after my brothers baby being born. It almost feels unfair that they will be put through this again. How can i break the news without absolutely breaking their hearts? if anyone has any advice or wants to share their own stories i would be so grateful…


        oooh, toughie!

        firstly congrats on the baby, glad ur man is behind u. he will be ur greatest support in the rough patch ahead… idk about how to break it to em gently but wen u do,i advise that ur bf be with u, u gonna need him, u tell maybe ur mom 1st if ur dad is like bad temperd or is sure 2 handle it very badly, and u reassure them that u will finish studyin…. but above all remember, it will all be fine wen ur bundle of joy is here, babies will always melt the hardest heart

        everythin will be fine, trust urself n jus take it 1 baby step at a tym… good luck hun, let me know how it all goes


          The truth is: this will break their hearts. It will dissapoint them, but they get over that and get excited. This is their grandchild, you are their child. They love you and will love your baby just as much. I’ve always been the one in my family with amazing grades and the one my parents were closer to because I’m the only girl. But they’re thrilled now that my little guy is almost here. It is scary to tell them, but you’ve got to realize that you are old enough to be responsible for yourself and you will make it through this with their help.

          Congratulations! 😀


            Sometimes writing a letter is a good idea, because then you can explain the whole situation and everything without being cut off.
            If you go through the forum and look for “How to tell my parents” or similar topics, you will find a lot of suggestions and opinions that might be helpful. 🙂
            Good luck!


              hey hunny!!!
              first off, congrats on your prergnancy!!
              well yea, the telling parents part is scary.. but youll see once its behind you you will feel relived, and be able to focus on your baby thats growing in you for the whole 100%.
              you should tell them asap, ’cause youll need them.
              just relax, ask them to drink a tea with you, that you have something very important to tell them.. and say them that you love them, and that it was a big suprise for you too, and tell them.

              hope everything will go ok, and congrats on the prergnancy!!


                They are right, it is not going to be easy and it will break your parents hearts but they will come around. Just stand you ground and know it will be fine long term. Best of luck. Jessica


                  I know exactly how you feel, I think the best thing to do is to tell your parents. even though you feel that they expect more from you, you should still give it a chance, by either telling them face-to-face, or even writing a letter, whichever way makes you more comfortable, because its possible that they may respond differently than you think and be very supportive about the situation. Just keep your head up and let us know how everything turns out!


                    Yes they will be dissappointed in you but they will eventually accept the situation and come around in due time. The sooner you decide to tell them the better it is for you have your bf present if that makes you more comfortable, have a plan let them know that u and your guy are taking full responsiblity of ur action and everything will the fine.

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