How do I get over it?

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      Why do people judge??? Why do people think they are better than other? Why is peolpe so mean?

      I was 16 when I fell pregnant for the first time. I had an abortion which was a big mistake!!!! The kids at school then found out that I was pregnant and they made jokes about me and talked behind my back. That bothered me alot.

      See my mom fell pregnant with me when she was 19 and my dad left and that made me self concious!!!!

      I’m now 18 and pregnant again! In the beginning I was so scared of what people would think of me and how they would react!! As my pregnancy went I learned not to care what people think of me but deep down inside me I’m still scared!!

      How do I get over that fear?????


        Hello Issabela,

        I was once young and insecure, and worried a lot about the friends around me, or even people I didn’t know very well. I was worried that they wouldn’t accept me, that they’d make fun of the clothes I wore or didn’t have. I remember one girl, whom I thought was a good friend, decided to ignore me over a period of a few days and then stood and made fun of me with others as I walked by because my clothes were not ironed. Crazy isn’t it? Why? For what reason would people treat others this way? There are many reasons and none of them will ever be an excuse. It’s the way of the world to make people feel less than. Some find joy in it as if it elevates them to a higher status in life. They may have some insecurities of their own and the only way they feel better, is to point out the faults of others.

        I have had to let go of things like that getting to me, as I’m sure a lot of people have. I also have had to stop looking to others for approval because even when I feel I am doing my best, there may not be that pat on the back from anyone. We cannot look to others for our self worth. That comes from within your soul. Instead of striving to be accepted by others, I try and accept others no matter what. Instead of waiting for someone to love me, I seek out the ones who are loved the least and show them love. I have learned, that instead of hoping to be noticed by someone in my daily routine….I make a point to notice the ones who are cast aside in my community or church and bring them in close to me and my family.

        It is very rewarding to live my life where I can give others love, respect and dignity, when the world is so determined to strip it out of every human being.

        We would love to share in your pregancy and help in guiding you through this beautiful experience. I hope that I have shed a little light on your situation. You will find love, support and acceptance here at SUG.

        Best Wishes,


          Unfortunately people are always going to judge. That’s on thing that is very hard about being a teen mom or a young mom for that matter. People wether they say it or not think we can’t do it or we are ruining our life or that poor child. Truth of the matter is even as you go into your 20’s people will still give you that look or ask half jokingly if that is your sibling. You just have to be proud of the decision you made and prove them all wrong. I always say im glad I had my daughter when I was young I have more energy to run after her. And that is my response when someone says wow you look too young to have a 6 year old. Best of luck to you. Jessica


            So I was wondering if you are keeping the baby or considering adoption.


              Whatever the situation, people are ALWAYS going to find something wrong with you to judge or talk about. It’s just a part of life. As a teenager you are trying to learn how to deal with what people say because you don’t even know what you’re feeling about yourself.

              Just think for yourself and do what’s bets for you and your baby. Prove those people wrong. Good luck! 🙂

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