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      I don’t know if this is posted in the correct place.. but anyway! I really need advice on how to tell my parents I’m pregnant.. I know my mum and dad should/will be really supportive, I’m 18, and they know exactly what I will be going through, they had my brother when they were just 15. Did you sit down with both your parents and tell them? Or just tell one of them first off? I want to tell my mum, but I just don’t want to blurt out “oh hey mum I’m having a baby!” I’m petrafied.. And also, how did you tell your boyfriends parents.. I know his mum and dad wont be very happy at all, and his mum always warns me to never have kids until I’m 25 and I would be stupid to have one now.. I wish I didn’t have to tell anyone. But I know obviously I can’t hide it forever! Please give some advie on how to tell them and what you said to them.. Thanks girls πŸ™‚


        Well when I was pregnant with my first one I was 14 my mom knew because I was puking 24/7 and I just told my dad once I knew. My boyfriend at the time now husband just told his parents and I ended up moving in with them. Now Im 19 and pregnant with our second one. I told my mother in law, sister in laws, brother in laws and friends by sending them a pic of a positive preg test. I told my dad in law to his face after showing him the test. and my family I called telling them Im pregnant. I hope this helps πŸ™‚ hey since its close to christmas why not buy a unisex onsie and wrap it up for ur parents to open!!! and for ur bfs parents u could do the same πŸ™‚


          im 15, i got pregnant when i was 14 and i obviously had to tell my parents. it is really hard and even if your parents and family think its a bad choice they’ll come along after a while. when i told my mother she wanted me to get an abortion and i refused to after a few weeks though she came around and was ok with it after me proving i was responsible enough. im not even with the babys father and he does nothing for our child and it is very hard to take care of a baby but it will all be worth it in the end and im sure yours and your boyfriends parents and family will see that beautiful baby and love it so so much. so just tell everyone there gonna know in the end anyways πŸ˜‰ onelove to you guys -roxxii


            I’m almost 15 and recently told my parents. I just sat them down, I think they might have suspected it because i was not feeling well and had gained a bit of weight, but not to the point I was showing. I just told them I made a really big mistake and was pregnant and that I really needed their support…they were mad and told me i no longer belonged living with them, now i live with my aunt i just hope they come round :dry: . as for my bf’s parents he told them with me, they were very angry at him and blame him, which i don’t think is fair, however they ahve supported us and done all they can to help, and secretly i think they’re getting excited :side: . try not to worry too much, however you tell them they will be shocked and probably mad but just reiterate that you NEED their support and hopefully they will come round (it sounds like they will, but remember it still will be a shock ;).


              Thats a cute as idea about the present πŸ™‚ I’m just really terrified to tell my boyfriends parents. I know his mum really wont be happy, she thinks I shouldn’t have children until I’m about 25, she will freak out. But I guess once I tell my mum and dad it will make it so much easier. I know they will be really supportive because they were actually younger than me when they had my brother. Thank you πŸ™‚


                hei there, im Monika:O)

                welll your parents were saying that you shouldnt have a kid before 25 simply because they had one in their teenage years, and they know how hard it is, and like all parents, they wanted to protect you.

                i bought some teacups with sayings worlds best granma, and worlds best granpa. i was 18 at that time too, m mom was kind of disappointed but became supportive the minute she went to my US appointment and saw my babies move πŸ™‚

                i would just sit down with your parents and say, mom dad…we need to talk. thats the best way just tell them how it happened. they will probably be pissed at first-knowing they had a baby when they were even younger than you, but they will come around.


                  Thank you girls so much! I will wait a few days, just after christmas and sit down with mum and dad and talk to them. You girls are so brave, especially being so young πŸ™‚ I wish you all the best xx


                    I told my mum by giving her a birthday card with grandma on with a scan picture inside and suprise written in there. My mum already knew me and ryan were sleeping together so she wasnt too angry- she just made it clear to us that we had to support ourseleves and the baby


                      I hadn’t had a period but I really didn’t think anything of it because my periods have always been real irregular. 2 and a half weeks ago I had morning sickness all week. My mom asked if there was any chance if I could be pregnant. (I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year and he sleeps alot and she also knew that I was in a sexual relationship with him.) I told her about how I hadn’t had a period and so we went to the clinic. So my mom kinda found out for herself and was thrilled. I still have to tell my dad tho. He lives in Montana and I cant tell him over the phone or by msg, so I am going to wait until he comes down to Georgia for the week soon to see my grandparents. I don’t know how he is gonna react so I guess I am in the same boat as you. Its scary but Im sure he’ll be fine. Hope all goes well for you!
                      Love, Cady :kiss:


                        I actually had to tell my parents through text message. I was living 3 or so hours away, and our phone was out of service. My mom took it super well, it went something like:
                        Me: Mom, i have to tell you something. it’s important.
                        Mom: Like…?
                        Me: I’m pregnant.
                        Mom: Didn’t watching Teen Mom teach you anything? How far along are you?

                        and that was it. my dad was a completely different story. It was more like:
                        Me: hey dad, I gotta tell you something, and it’s kinda serious.
                        Dad: You better not be pregnant πŸ™ (yes, he actually put asad face)
                        Me: Actually, I am. You’re gunna be a grandpa.
                        Dad: No i am not, not unless Jenn(my sister-in-law) is pregnant.
                        Me: No seriously dad, I’m having a baby.
                        Dad: You had better make an appointment to have an abortion, then.
                        Me: NO, I’m not doing that.
                        Dad: Fine, I’ll talk to you later.

                        And we still aren’t speaking.

                        I actually had a miscarriage a few weeks after this, but I don’t/can’t forgive him for what he said. I think I may be pregnant again, though. So I’m nervous for how my mom’s gunna take it this time. Especially since I just had the miscarriage in December, a week or so before Christmas. Best of luck to you, though! Just be straight forward, it will make you feel better, and they’ll respect you for having the courage to come out and tell them like that.


                          I have not told my father yet. The way I told my mother was childish and immature. I wrote her a note explaining how I messed up once again, and went on explaining all the things that she has done for me that went unappreciated. I then left for about two weeks, and came back.
                          She didn’t take it so well, since she does not like the father of my baby. She still isn’t taking it well, pushing abortion on me hardcore./

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