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      hey everyone, havnt been on for a while.
      I never found out if i was PG or not. but i know im not now : )

      anyways, my best friend is pregnant and she said if she is, she is getting an ABORTION!! she said no doubt in her mind she will get one and she doesnt care.
      these are her words
      "i dont care, its just a little fetus thing and i dont want it in my body"

      i keep telling her she will regret it and NOT to do it, and she just keeps saying she wont and she will be happy she isnt pregnant.

      its sooo wrong. I cant believe she is going to do this.

      what can i say to her so she changes her mind?!



        im sorry to hear about your friend, truth of the matter is there is nothing you can do or say to change her mind if she is THAT focused on it. I had an abortion at one time and I can say I do regret it everyday…But i know some people who use it as a form of birth control..although it’s something that you don’t agree with, if your best friends with her, be there for her…cause god only knows how she will react once she is out of that room and things are done and over with.



          u cant do anything to change her mind if she’s set on it all u can do is try and tell her she has options…and comfort her after she does it, and hope she realizes b4 she does that she’ll b making a mistake…


            I have a friend like yours, and she was a week farther than me, i was 10 weeks and she was 11. She told me the same thing. She drank alot so she thought that would back her up to go through with the abortion. When I tried to discourage her from getting one she ignored me completely and said no matter what i said she was going to do it and nothing i could say would change that. So i was very disapointed because i wanted her to go through her pregnancy with me. She started saying how she’s 19, shes too young, (I’m 17) and doesnt get paid enough at her job to support a baby (i make less than she does) and how she wants to go to college(a baby doesnt prevent you from going to college) so everything she said really pist me off. So she ended up gettin the abortion, and she told me how it wasnt a big deal, and then she even showed me the ultrasound pictures of the baby as well…. so sad =[


              Explain to her the exact procedure of an abortion, both D & C and suction. Theres a movie called "Silent scream" that you can look up on google and get her to watch. Information is the key. You wont be able to convince her to do anything by saying "its wrong, you cant kill them", but if you say "do you want your child to be ripped limb from limb with no anethetic whilst screaming and withering in pain?" you may get through a little bit more…

              But she hasnt even confirmed her pregnancy yet, so wait and see.

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