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      [color=#800080]Im so scared i found out 2day im pregnant with my first child.
      Im 17 years old and my boyfriends 18, i want to keep my baby bu i no when i tell my parents im pregnant im gonna have no where to live..

      what is the best way to aproach the subject??[/color] :unsure: 🙁

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        thats a really tough one. i think the best thing to consider when telling them is they will be upset. ensure them that you are responsible enough to cope with a child. what has your BF said about it? is he going to stick with you. and i mean not only say he is but do you honestly believe he will? if so tell them he is and maby show them a plan on how you will afford a baby. there not cheap.

        good luck.


          I would sit down with them and say how scared you are at what ur going to say and then approach it. But its entirely up to you. I hope it all goes well! dont go into the convo thinking all the bad though coz it will only make it worse to tell them


            i was just in your position about 3 weeks ago. I have been pregnant for about 10 weeks now. i was scared to tel lmy dad, he always commented about when my friends were pregnant and my mom was prochoice. so i was definately scared. i am 17 and the dad is 18, but he isnt around. Because i knew all i could do was cry when i told my dad, i typed a letter with every thought and feeling i had. i asked him to come into my room and talk to me about smoething very important. we sat down. told him not to say a word until hewas done reading and that i loved him. he read it and amazingly told me to stop crying and gave me a hug. not all parents are this accepting, but my dad has been throuhg alot and had a kid when he was 17. your dad and mom may be mad at first, but you were there miracle. you got to think how much joy you bring them and how much they love you. you now have a miracle inside of you and though your parents did well raising their miracle (you) its now a time to raise your own miracle. just think about it, you were given this baby for a reason. you are now a mom. and let me tell you the one thing that will make you fall in love- I heard my babies heart beat last week when i went into the docotor, i am so in love now with my baby. because now it is a reality-a human, not a mistake. good luck.


              Yes we all think our parents are going to disown us. And it does happen to some. Let them get over the shock and make sure you let them know how responsible you are going to be. Let me tell you I got pregnant by my boyfriend who my mother hates and threatened to kill if I ever got pregnant by and now she can’t be happier to be expecting her first grand son.

              Just take it easy..the stress is not good for the baby and keep us informed we may just be a forum group but we really do care



                I’ve had to go through that… When my ex and I were both 19 we found out we were pregnant…
                I approached my mom early on (I lived with her, kinda had no choice) and told her straight out with my (now ex) oddly by my side (reason why I say oddly is because my mom’s one of thsoe nut-cracker type of moms – all anti-male and all…) … she instantly reacted the way i did not expect, she smiled and called my sister instantly spreading the ‘good’ news… With my dad (Parents aren’t together) I waited till I was past the ‘miscarriage’ period then told him i beleive over the phone and he got upset… not because I was pregnant, but because I Waited so long to tell him. I now regret not telling him sooner. As for my ex’s parents, they wern’t so nice about the whole thing, they gave him an ultimatum – me and the baby, or them! He chose us… untill his mistress came along when our daughter was 6 months old (but that’s a whole other post/story) .. so, my advice..
                Tell your parents, let them know how you feel – don’t hold it in because it puts more stress on you and the longer you wait the more your parents will ‘freak out’ if they’ll even freak out in the first place… Just sit them down and say it.. that’s what I did. I took a deep breath and just said "Mom, I’m pregnant" and the conversation just went from there.
                Now my daughter is 5, and all is well. (Even the ex’s parents ended up comming around about 6 months into the pregnancy.. util my ex and i split, then it became a COMPLETELY different story … they tried to take her.. but again, a whole different post.. lol)

                I hope this helps.. Keep us posted and good luck!… oh and



                  Yeah, was scared to tell my parents 2. Of course all parents were mad at first, but then they think about it and everything will go ok,ot thats what i think. I mean just make it clear that you are not going to give it up or abort it or anything like that. And that you are responible enough to handle the baby, and like that other girl said tell them your scared and i am sure they will be very supportive of your decisions.

                  Good Luck And
                  CONGRATS ON THE BABY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

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