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      I’ve noticed some people posting some holly-er than now comments on girls forums. I’m a christian and follow the Lord the best I can and I follow the command to live by example, wich has worked for me very well I even brought my husband to Christ after he had’nt seen a church since he was five! But I did’nt do it by being judgemental or sheving my values in there face. The girls in the forum have enough to worry about they don’t need someone making them feel guilty or ashamed. I’m very sorry to any girls that may have felt these way because of anyonce post. Having a relationship with Christ is a wonderfull thing, if you’re ready and willing. And Christ LOVES all his children no matter who you are!:)


        I agree that we are to live by example..the only thing is on here we dont live our lives in front of eachothers faces so it leaves us to tell our stories and the things that the Lord has changed in our lives….What a blessing that your husband knows the Lord because of your faithful witness…I agree that having a relationship with Christ is a wonderful thing and I know that God loves all of His children no matter what because He loved me even when I hated Him….I do think that calling sin what it is, is biblical…the Lord has given His people spiritual gifts…the body of Christ is made up of many members…some have the gift of teaching, others the gift of prophesy, others the gift of helps and so on nad so forth…there is a saying…you can truth someone away from God…this is what your post is about…it is true…you need so speak the truth with love..but… you can also love someone into hell….if someone is sinning and you can see that it is ruining their life are you going to love them into destruction or are you going to stand on the truth and say…I love you but what you are doing is wrong and I am here to talk but I cant agree with your choices…there is a huge difference… or if someone out there talks about God it doesnt mean they are saved…if they say "yeah get an abortion you are too young for a baby…God Bless" that sends up a huge red flag in my heart and I am going to question that persons walk with the Lord…There will be many in that day who say Lord Lord, look at all that we have done in Your name..and He will say "depart from me you workers of iniquity..I never knew you.." I cant help but wonder if I am one who you speak of as being "holier than thou" I have enough girls who dont like me as it is..but I have no stones to throw and I have no fingers to point I am just simply someone who loves the Lord and I want to do my part in spreading His truth even if it means not having alot of friends on here…I do my best to do it with love but you can only lead a horse to water you cant make it drink…you can sugar coat things and people will still get mad…it is better to be hot or cold but Jesus gave a stearn warning to those who are luke warm….I refuse to be one of those…anyways thank you for your post and I think it is awesome that the Lord has given you a real heart to love and comfort but please dont come down and judge those who He has called to be bold in His Truth…In Christ…Meg


          I believe the term is "holier than thou" and I understand where you are coming from but I don’t feel like you posting this is any more beneficial to anyone. I am sure that almost everything said on this site comes from loving and compassionate hearts even if it isn’t always presented gently. Sometimes I think the older and more experienced women on this site care about all of you girls so much that when you ask for advice they are not afraid to be honest with you even if it is not what you would like to hear. Some of us have been there and done that and if we can help someone else avoid the hardships we have faced we will. If that means telling a 14 year old girl that is is not a good idea to try to conceive and try to give her a dose of reality then you can bet your buns I am going to say that even though it may offend her. It doesn’t mean I think I am better than her. In no way do I think I am better than anyone on this site (and i don’t think anyone that you are referring to thinks that either). All of us lay our stories out on the table too and most of our pasts are cluttered with poor choices and heartbreak. If we can relate to someone else and our stories can help them choose an easier path than why not? We are all on here to love and support each other and form a sisterhood not to bicker.


            I agree…thanks for being real. Because even Christian girls with alot of expectations do some dumb and regreatful things. Still, God turns ashes to beauty and that’s what babies are right, beauty!!!
            God bles you!


              Thank you for saying something. I, too, have seen people pressing their belief’s on the ones they’re trying to help. It’s nice to finally hear a religous person say that a person will come to Christ or whoever on their own terms. It’s not right to force your beliefs on someone, thinking your trying to "save them".


                I don’t see that anyone has said anything "holier than thou," but if you mean some of the comments that I know I’ve made as well as a couple of others concerning making wise decisions, then I don’t apologize for that. What I mean is that sometimes we need to hear a little constructive criticism from others who’ve been there, done that in order to know the truth of a situation. Some girls on here are simply too young to understand the impact of their behavior and root each other on even in a situation where the brakes need applying. Of course, God loves all his children, and as Christians, it’s our duty and obligation to direct teens, which in my opinion are children (up to a certain age) in godly ways. You are right about judgment. It’s not our place to do so, but don’t confuse judgment with common sense advice or even tough love. There’s definitely a difference although some take offense. It’s the way in which advice is given that I think you mean, but I find that most of the time, it’s not that someone is any holier. It’s that they’ve learned and are trying to spare another that same pain, embarrassment, or whatever.

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