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      HIi ..I am 26 yrs old…On 18/10..i and my bf got involved.I mean it was jus foreplay..we always get involved in foreplay many a times before but restrict ourselves..On 19th my bf started rubbing himself against my butt..He did not penetrate, but his organ was rubbing against the walls of my butt..Suddenly he ejaculated..but he pulled out immediately..I am doubtful that lil bit of his fluid wud have fallen near my buttholes..Though there are no penetrations anywhere are there chances of any pregnancy??Moreover there was no secretion of my fluid that time..So i feel even if any sperm wud be thr near my Vag*** it wouldnot be able to swim up..I freaked out after that and immediately washed myself..Can I get pregnant..My periods are due on 9/12.Pls help..I come from a very conservative background..Though i and my bf are madly in love with each other and have all plans to get married,still my parents ll be shattered if they ever know about this..Pls help!!!


        Hey Ronny, First of all, anytime you engage in sexual activity, especially with your clothes off, you will run the risk of your body fluids coming together and it only takes one sperm to enter your body for you to risk pregnancy….If his sperm did not go near your vagina then I would say your chance of pregnancy is low, however I am not a doctor so I can’t really say what is possible….Your anus is not connected to your uterus therefore if sperm went inside of it there should be no risk for pregnancy, Let me explain a little more in detail about how your cycle works and how a baby is conceived.

        When your body ovulates, one of your ovaries will release an egg, this egg will travel down through one of your fallopian tubes, once it passes through your tube and it has not come into contact with a sperm, it will enter your uterus, rest against the lining and cause your period to start as it signals your body that there is no baby to take care of…..

        Now if sperm enters your body through your vagina, it will travel up and is “programed” to swim towards your fallopian tubes, if there is an egg there, one of the sperm will do its best to make its way into the egg, this is called conception, if the sperm makes it into the egg you have just conceived a child and there is an instant hormonal change in your body alerting your uterus that a baby is on its way to implant….When the tiny developing baby enters your uterus it will rest against the lining and attach itself there for the remainder of pregnancy…..

        If you and your boyfriend are not wanting to have a baby right now, the best thing you can do is avoid sexual activity, its just not worth the risk, talk to him and ask him to wait for you, maybe you two should plan your wedding and solidify yourselves into a committed relationship before continuing in foreplay and sexual activity, I am sure your parents would like that for you as well….I am here if you have more questions…Love Meg, meg@standupgirl.com


          Hey Thanx Meg..My period is due on 9th oct..I am just praying that i don miss my periods..I am planning to get a blood test if i don get my periods on 9th..and my period cycle is 28 days roughly..So if i don get my period by 10th i ll assume there is a problem..And Meg both of us me and my bf have taken an oath not to cont with it till our marriage..It was the first time nd we made a terrible mistake..we are very caitious with all these but i dunno how he lost:(
          Meg even If i don miss a period on 9th nov which is 20 days after the activity ,should i be worried thereafter also ???

          Pls help meg..that was just our first and last mistake:(


            hey gals..i got my periods..I am sooo happy..I swear this make of mine will never be repeated..Me and my bf have taken an oath..Thanks to GOD who helped me a way out of this crisis…:)


              Glad to hear you are doing well. And good for you, stand firm in your decision. It will bless you immensely in the end!

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