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    princess Angela

      over the last month or so i have had high blood pressure….. i was wonderin if it could just be from my hormones changing and me stressing… my babies dad has made me very stressed latly…..when i was swimming my blood pressure was much lower…..

      but im just wonderin who else has had high blood pressure and what they did too bring it down?

      love angela


        High blood pressure isnt good with pregnancy so id go get something from the docs to help lower it.


          First off was it your OB doctor that told you you have high blood pressure or was it from a regular doctor or even one of those health-o-meters at the store?? If it was your OB he/she should give you instructions to follow and if not you need to let him/her know about the high blood pressure, medication is not always needed but just make sure you talk with your baby doctor with ANY concerns and if you are unsure of instructions given by him/her then ask again…you don’t want to mess around with high blood pressure while pregnant…Love Meg

          princess Angela

            It was one of the midwifes at the hospital when i was there for my last check up… she told me it was slightly high… but she didnt seam concerned at all about it…

            Im also thinkin that it could have been caused because i was runnin late and i get all excited when i go to the hospital…. heheh the speciallist wasnt concerned about my blood pressure either….

            Im tryin to bring it down with swimming.. because exercise is a good way to help high blood pressure….

            Love ange

            princess Angela

              Just thought id let ya know atm my blood pressure is back to normal… maybe it could have been from rising hormones … as at that time i had been cryin like everyday for the last month hahaha…

              Thnks for everyones help


                glad to hear all is good. Could have been stress.

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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