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      Hi I’m Chantay I’ am 20yrs old and I’ am a proud mom of two wonderful kids. Ariel Angel was born 5-2-2006 and Justin David Jr. was born 1-4-2008. I have been through a lot with my kids father we have dated on and off for almost 6yrs. now. I’ am a pretty fun and out going person and enjoy spending all the time I can with my kids. I’ am currently in college for Radiology Technology. Well anything else you would like to know just ask…


        [size=4]hay my name is deneisha and i jux wanted to know how does it feel to be pregnant i’m a week and 1 day but i dnt think it’s only with one but 2 and in jux 17….im hoping if i tell da fatha of my baby he’s 18 would he still want to be with me and love me….the first tyme i asked him dat he said yeah….but aint asked about it yet…..


          can you please spell thing right? many girls on this site arent from the USA or english speaking countries, and your spelling makes it really difficult for us to understand.

          how can you know you are 1 week pregnant? when was your last period?you count your pregnancy from your last period, not from the first day your perriod is late.

          and how …em i dont understand, why do you thing you are pregnant with more than one? =) i didnt knew i was having twins until my SECOND ultrasound, on my first there was only one peanut =)

          if the babies dad wont be with you after you tell him youre pregnant, then he just doesnt deserve you, wish you all the luck.


            deneisha its impossible to know when you are 1 week pregnant the earliest is around a month.
            Well hey,
            My name is Klaudia and Im 15 (16 next month) and I’m 28 weeks along (7months)…Its nice to meet you and if you ever need any advice or anything then let me know :side:


              Hi! My son was born 5-2-07…just a year apart from your daughter! How are you doing? You find out anything yet? Is it twins? Best of luck! Love, Erica

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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