hi..need advice..16 and pretty sure im pregnant..

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      Hi…im 16 and im now 3 days late..im always exact when it comes to my mentstural cycle and latley ive been feeling different..today ive had a headache all day and feel extremly sore..i have to pee all the time and have this odd feeling down in that area..like im cramping but not normally..im going to take a test soon but i dont want to get to worried just yet..are these extremely earl symptoms or am i just late?..thanks ash..


        hey….first of: are u on birth control pills?? if u r then sometimes those are the side effects of using the pill. On the other hand,if ur not on the pill and ur period is late, feeling sore and peeing a lot…..then my strongest suggestion is for u to buy a pregnancy test as soon as possible.(e.p.t test). Well hope everything goes well and good luck! 😉 let me know how everything goes! take care.


          I wouldn’t worry just yet. I was always on time then as I started getting older I would be late up to 3-4 days, take a test then the next day I would start. I would wait first, if you are 2 weeks late then I’d grab a test. That being a good hint considering for the second time I was 2 weeks late I am expecting my second kid.


            I would try not to worry too much…and its hard.I know. I have gotten myself into a similiar situation and know the feeling is overwhelming. I had unprotected sex at the end of December when I believed I was nearing the start of my period…bad idea. I took emergency contraception and still haven’t gotten my period, but I have taken 2 pregnancy tests, a week apart, and both have come back negative. I’ve done a lot of reading on it and stressful situations can delay or even prevent ovulation which would be a cause for you to be late. I’m hoping that is the case with my situation,b ut mostly because its not super unusual for me to be irregular. Sorry for all the background information but remember you are (we are) young and your body isn’t totally on track yet, a late period shouldn’t be super unusual. I would reccomend buying a pregnancy test and taking it, purely for your own peace of mind. I bought the clear blue one and it came with 2, I would reccomend getting something like that so if you test negative and are still worried a couple days later you can test again. keep your chin up and stay positive. hope some of this helped.



              I wouldn’t panic too much yet if you are only 3 days late. The symptoms you are describing could be pregnancy symptoms, but they could also be related to PMS, stress, a cold, or other cause. I know that it might be frightening, but the best way to find out for sure is to take a pregnancy test. If your period is more than a week late than I would take a test. In the meantime try not to panic too much. Either way things will work out okay. Best wishes.



                hey..i posted earlier on here about my worries that i could possibly be pregnant and guess what..i am…its crazy..16, sophmore in h/s, and pregant..but i can do it..any advice on telling my parents though…imhaving a lot of pressure from some friends to abort the baby but i could never do that..i try and explain to them that they dont understand, and wont understand until their in my posistion but there still like…’what about partying’..’fun’..’think about your future.’….i just tell them i am thinking about my future and that is my baby..im 4-5 wks..wish me luck..ill keep ya posted…ash

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