Hi, I’m new here, and I could use some advice…

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      [b]Hey everyone! First off, let me say that I knew about this website before I even got pregnant, and I think its great what yall do. I’m 16, I’ve been dating my boyfriend for two years, and I’ve been on birth control almost that long. I just found out I’m pregnant a couple of days ago, and I’m due on April 6th, 2006. The thing is, my mom is due on the 11 of Feburary, and she’s thrilled. But we barely have money to support her new baby, much less mine. My boyfriend and I are happy; we planned on marrying and starting a family, just not while we were in high school. He is a senior this year, and I’m a junior. But any advice on anything at all, especially how to tell my parents not only that I am, but that I want to keep the baby, cuz we don’t have the best realtionship, will be really appreciated. Thankx! 😛


        Wow… you’re due on my sister’s 23rd birthday! LOL

        Anyway, on to the advice… or whatever I can give you…

        I’d say just be honest with your folks. If you want to keep the baby, make it perfectly clear to them that abortion isn’t an option for you.

        Does your boyfriend know? If so, how is he taking the news? Tell him you’ll need all the support he can give you right now, because you’ll DEFINITELY need it.

        Uhm… on top of all that, I’d say try to find a non-profit prenatal care centre. There’s one in my city where I went, and all the docs there were amazing! As well, they can refer you to programs for financial assistance, and places that will help you out with baby supplies you will need. 🙂

        I hope this helped you out some….

        *hearts and hugs*


          Thankx for the advice! I told my boyfriend a couple of days ago cuz that was the first time I’ve seen him face to face since I found out and he was shocked at first cuz I was on birth control and all, but then he was really supportive, and he is already being so sweet and talking to the baby and rubbing my belly :laugh: the only bad thing is morning sickness, and I think my mom already knows, she just seems like she does…I’m not looking forward to telling dad tho. :unsure:

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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