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      I am almost 10 weeks pregnant and SO scared. It was totally unexpected and it happened right after I got out of a 4 year rel’ship with my ex (but the baby is the rebound guys – not my ex’s). And long story short the Dad will not be in the picture – only financially, but I am basically a single mom. Its just really hard because all of a sudden I am thinking of my ex and wishing things were back to the way they were, but i really do want this baby, but other parts of me are scared because I have one year of university left and I am going to lose my social life. Are these all normal fears? I also have told my mom and she is totally unsupportive , I hate that because I am 23 years old and shes treating me like a child. I also have not told my Dad yet and am SO SCARED too. Any advice about how you all overcome the scared feelings? I appreciate it, xo.



        Hey Steph

        Im so sorry to hear about your mom being so unsupportive, but Im glad that you are keeping the baby:) Maybe try talking to someone you trust, is there a Nurse or counsellor at your Uni you could talk to? Things will be tough but just try and take this one day at a time. Im sure that your mom will come around, maybe she just needs time? And as for your dad, I would sugest just telling him upfront and expressing your concerns.. maybe he will appreciate the honesty? Idk, but I wish the best for both of you. Keep us updated! <3


          Everything you are feeling is completely normal.
          It’s too bad that your Mom is treating you like a child, that does make things a lot more difficult if you don’t have her support.
          You might want to take a little while and just get used to the idea that you are pregnant, or you might just want to tell your Dad right away and get it over with.
          I know that it’s really scary right now, but the baby will be totally worth it!
          Keep us updated on how you’re doing, ok?


            hunny wen i got preggers with my son i was so scared but it did turn out oki,my sons dad isnt in the picture finacually or litrully there,the fears you have are so normal,i dremnt for sum time how i wontid things be different with me n the dad but at end day hun parents arnt always the best all round as they wud b unsaportive as ya mums prob trying get ova the shock still that her daughter is up teh duff,im 23 as well and trust your not alone i feel my parents belive im still a child,but everything will work out fine ull see your mum and dad will be grat grandpernats wen baby arrived,they say a baby brings loved ones closer,
            good luck

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