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      Hi there, i just wanted to say a little something, I am going thru my third pregnancy right now. Each one will be different. The only same things you can rely on are appointments. With each one I found out earlier and earlier. Doc always schedule the first appt between 9 and 12 weeks. I have no idea why.
      Also, it is so hard to change your lifestyle when you find out you are pregnant. Im not a party person and I dont do drugs. Well thats kinda frowned upon in the job I do. I am a military police officer but back to what i was saying, i have grown addicted to energy drinks and i know they are recommended for pregnant women. I am 14 wks and i have to fight so hard not to drink it. Does anyone know what it does. I need help. Or does anyone have a remedies for staying awake. I work nights and I am stationed in the middle east so i need a solution. Oh yeah, i have 4 wonderful kids waiting for me along with my husband. Our oldest are my step-children and they are Blake who is 12 and Maria who is 10. Then there is my son who is Marcus and he is 6 and we have a son together Cole who is 2 and now one on the way. Can we say hello brady bunch!!:side:


        Those energy drinks are not recomended because it is pur concentrated caffine and i will agitate the baby and can stun the growth of the baby. As for staying away i really connot help you there.
        Hope i helped


          hey if they are recommended for pregnant people to drink then drink them. but dont drink so many that you cant ever get any rest. and try sleeping during the day if you work nights. keep us updated and thank you for serving.


            Actually since i wrote that I havent been able to drink one. It almost makes me nautious to think about it. But good news!! They are sending me back to the states on the 19th of Dec. No more working nights, no more being alone in the desert, and no more overseas tours away from my family. I might even get to go home for Christmas. Where they are sending me is only a 5 hour drive home. I am going to Great Lakes, IL. another bonus is that my big brother is also stationed there.
            I appreciate anyone who thanx me for serving but just know that it was what i had to do as an american and i needed to see what we were fighting for over here. My life is not the Navy it is my family but I will be greatful to the navy for training me at what i do. Thanks for the support!!!:)


              thats great new thanks for keeping us updated. hope all works out for you and by the sound of it, it is going to. gud luck 😀


                AWESOME!!!!! that is wonderful… i am so happy for you.. keep us updated on the baby…

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