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      hey im emillie im 17 years old and im from rugby,england.
      iv jst found this site and im sooo glad!!i really need to talk to people who no what im goin through!

      i found out i was pregnant on friday, i went straight to the doctors that afternoon. this is my second pregnancy but last time i had a termination.i am deffo keeping this baby!i have an appointment with the midwife on april 19th..the ting is i havent told any 1!!!im too scared!!not even my boyfriend, we have been together for a year and a half.i tink im soo scared about telling him because last time he was in a mess about the other pregnancy…but after the termination he really regretted it………..can anyone give me advice?or is any1 else in the same situation??? thanx luff em xxxx:cheer:


        😛 CONGRATS with your pregnancy!!! This is always wonderful….and I always say that once you have decided that you want to keep your little person, anyone who comes with a negative attitude, must be excluded from this wonderful miracle. What you need now is lots and lots of love, happiness and positivity…bcos that have a direct effect on your child. This should be the most wonderful experience in your life. Tell your bf and if he wants you to have another abortion….let him go. He will realise that he is wrong and come back on his own time.This is now YOUR time …. sit back, relax and enjoy your pregnancy. Make notes of your emotions and write letters to your little one. Sing to him/her and read aloud to him/her. That is very very soothing hearing Mommy’s voice. Just remember, YOU will become your baby’s favourite person, Hero and you will be the only person who is PERFECT in that little baby’s eyes…you will be No. 1 Doesnt matter whether you have money or not, whether you drive a nice car or not, wheter you are overweight or thin….he/she will love you no matter what!
        God bless and good Luck,,,,Yolly:)


          You need to tell the daddy! He deserves to join in the happy news! As for other people they can wait. I went throught the same thing. I was pregnant last year but terminated, it was VERY hard on the both of us. So when this time rolled around he said NO more getting rid of it, he saw what it did to me, to him, to US. I’m very glad to hear that you went to the doctor as soon as possible. Sounds like you on the right track. :cheer:



            Hon, i would come clean to him and be straight up and honest and tell him. If he is for real he will be there for you no matter what and as you did say he regretted the last termination.

            I’m glad you have chosen to keep bubs!



              GOOD LUCK

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