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      HEY EVERYONE! wow its soo good to be back, its been about 2years since ive been here and really hoping to reconnect with my old friends and make new ones and help out anyone in anyway i can.

      so here is my story for those of u who kind of remember me and for those of u that dont.

      I am 18, married (goin on the 4th year now) mother of 2, Aamina (turning 3 in jan) and Hamza (18months) from South Africa. I was 15 when i fell pregnant, my bf (who is today my hubby)supported me and took me as his wife and everyone else was against it, i found alot of support here on this site from all u wonderful people, and with time everyone accepted my pregnancy, and hubby. at 17 i fell preg again and had my son and then in May 2010,i fell preg for a third time, 1day after i found out about the baby i found out that it was ectopic and the next day had surgery….i was 9weeks preg. but i know that i will meet my baby again, it is promised in our scriptures and i am ery grateful for my 2kids that i have here to enjoy

      well thats me in a nutshell. feel free to add me as friend


        salaam nadza how have you been?! missed my crazy online politician lol add the wall under your applications so we can chat…. it’s quicker than forum posting 😀


          hhheeeiii girlie =) welcome back! cant wait to see pics of the kids!!!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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