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    princess Angela

      Hey chicky babes,

      I havnt been online inages, Actually i dont think i have posted since kade was born sorry about that…

      Hers an update… His nearly 4 months old now and growing an smiling like crazy hehe there is some days were i swear he talks more then me and he cant even talk yet haha …

      He tries to sit up and roll over… He is very healthy and happy.

      Ive still not heard from Dominic (kades father) but i just think that he is the one missing out on his beautiful little boy.

      Im hoping everyone else is good would love to hear from some of you guys again.

      Love Angela and kade


        Aw, your baby sounds so cute! (And if that is him in the profile picture he IS cute!)
        You are so right about Dominic being the one that is missing out.
        Glad that you are enjoying your baby!


          aww. your little boy is sooo cute:P

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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