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      hey everyone…. i want to encourage and say congrats. to all the soon to be mother and mothers… its a hard thing to do being a teen and raising a child… but for the girls that are too scared to tell your parents…sweetie you have to… talk to them most of them will be understanding and wont be mad like you may think they would be and others yeah they may be mad but not for long… trust me my mom is ashamed and all but i know her well enough to know she’ll come around… and the family amd friends are so supportive.. a customer at my job that i have only talked to once or twice has bought me baby things… amazing how complete strangers can be so supportive also!!! so i encourage you all… it may seem like you wont make it thro but you will


        I agree. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Though, sometimes parents do not react as most teenagers think they would. Some though, still react differently. I wish everyone good luck.



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