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      My bf and I made love last June 17, then I began to get paranoid. I’m not sure if I am pregnant and feeling the early symptoms (my breasts are sensitive, but every month before my period I’m really feeling it.), but today, I’m having my bleeding and I’m having cramps. My first day should be at July 3. I’ve already read some forums and discussions on the other sites but these bumps in my chest doesn’t stop. what is this?

      Am I pregnant?

      (just a bit of info can make ease my stress. Thank you so much.)


        If you didn’t use protection, there is definitely a chance that you are pregnant :unsure:

        Bleeding during pregnancy is common, for a lot of women experience bleeding that is around the time of their expected period and last about the same amount of time.

        To be sure, I would take a pregnancy test AFTER your missed period, that way your results are more accurate. Make sure to take two, because sometimes you can get a false negative. And maybe take another one or two in a couple of weeks just to be sure.

        Pregnancy tests aren’t as accurate as they say they are…just be sure to do it right and time it correctly. Goodluck to you girly.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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