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      It was 1985 and a 17yr old woman in her first year of technical college decided to have sex for the first time with her long term boyfriend. Due to misinformation she only found out 3 months later that she was pregnant, at which point the doctor asked when she would like to get rid of her baby(not even considering the possibility that she may want to keep it). She went home and called her mom and started to cry at which point she said she was pregnant. Her mom was so excited that no one had died(after all that crying on the phone) and said she would support her in everything. The boyfriend of 4years was young and not ready to be a dad yet and left the girl. Many family members spoke of the disgrace and stupidity of the girl in front of her but that didn’t matter because 6 months later she had a baby girl, moved into her own apartment and got herself a job. She struggled for the first few year and was very poor but even though she sometimes didn’t have enough food for herself she always provided everything a little girl could need.

      As I write this I cry because though this is not my story, this is my mother’s and everytime I see her I Thank her for loving me and choosing to keep me when most other people told her to get rid of me. Now I am a mother and I hope that I will be as good as she was.

      I write this hoping that one day someone will read this and chose to keep their baby, against all odds, like my mom chose me.


        Thank you for sharing, I’m so glad that your mother made the right decision! 🙂


          Thank you for sharing your story. The situation around my birth wasn’t controversial…I was planned and wanted…however when I found out I was pregnant all I could think was “what if I wasn’t wanted…what if i wasn’t born?” which helped me to make my decision to keep my baby…even though its going to turn my life upside down.

          This story is very inspiring…and its great to hear from a child of one of these situations that are all over these sites.


            Ohh this made me cry. That is truly a touching story. I hope that i am as strong as your mother.


              Thank you for sharing your story.


                yes yes, that’s how it should be, this story is not sad at all, and like u said, hopefully someone will read it and change their mind about killing their baby.

                lilly k

                  ITS A BEAUTIFUL STORY, cherrish your Mom because you are Blessed. Some of us didnt get that love and we are still craving for it.
                  Lilli k 🙂


                    Very touching thanks for sharing

                  Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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