Here I go again.

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      hi! my name is jess and i am 21 years old. i am looking for thoughts or advice anyone might have on my situation. 2 or 3 months ago i had a positvie pregnancy test, only to start my period a couple days later. i talked to my doctor and she said that i had a miscarriage. well i started the pill after that and was pretty good at taking it. i started forgetting but i never forgot more than one day. i also started the next pill pack without taking the last week of "inactive" pills so that i would skip my period. well i did skip my period but lately i have had some spotting and an upset stomach lately, but i am still taking the pill. do you think i can be preganant again? should i stop taking the pill until i find out? if anyone could help me out that would be soooooo nice! thanks!!!

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