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      Please i need help!!
      ok so i an 14 and 14 weeks and 3 days pregnant and my ex boyfriend raped me. now i am worried that he might want to share custody of the baby. but i dont want to because if he raped me i am afraid that he might also rape him/her. my current boyfriend eric thinks that i shouldnt let him even see him/her at all. wat should i do???



        Do what YOU want about the custody situation, not what your current boyfriend wants you to do. You might suggest he can see his child but only if you are present or an adult so he cant try anything. You should really report him, so he doesn’t rape others. It’s a tough situation. Do you still talk to him?


          Yes i agree. Report him. Then he won’t be able to do it to others.
          What about some intervention/restraining order against him.


            hey you know what i think hun you should keep this guy well away from your child. but i agree with kez’s idea you should take out a restraining order against him, it sounds like the best idea, that way your both safe from him not just your kid.


              Report him as a rapist as soon as possible and if he is found guilty he probably won’t be allowed custody of this child.


                okayy sweetie everything is going to be alright. i can relate somewhat to your problem. my ex. abused me. I think it would be best if you reported him. He could be a danger to you and your baby therefor i dont think he should be allowed to see the baby. Abuse is very serious and illegal. i know as a mother we want the best for our babies and the best would be to report him before he raps and abuses someone else.
                im always here hun!



                  i am so sorry and my heart is breaking for you. You must feel so scared right now. Please report him – no man should get away with rape! As far as the baby, if you are interested in creating an adoption plan I know someone who is looking to adopt.
                  God bless!


                    He can harm your baby. Please tell an adult as soon as possible so that he may not do the same thing to anothe girl.

                  Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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