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      okay well im boyfriend is 17 and im currently stayin at his house wit his family in edmonton alberta. my family is all in toronto ontario about a 4 hour plane ride frum here…i arrived here on jan 11/07,..he use to live in toronto also but his dads job got moved over here..and they had to moved..we were together for a year and 3 months and there is a chance i may b pregnant…but thats not really why i need help right parents want me to go bak home on the jan 24..thats in 2 days =( i dont want to leave bcuz his parents are lettin me stay but wen i first came they kinda freaked cuz my parents freaked and said all this [stuff] butt now everythings okay wit his parents…but my parents want me home ASAP even tho i dont want to go..and today i tried to tell them i dont want to come home but they were lyke if u dont come ur father is gona come and get u..everyone in my family knos i left..and i have a job here in edmonton and so does my bf..everyone in my family is pretty shocked and upset, grandparents even called my bfs house but i cudnt even talk to them cuz i was scared i juss wana stay..but i duno. wut 2 do.or how to convince them or anything… any advice??? please help i only have a few days!!!


        hun ur only 17 ur parents have the power over u unless u get emancipated, or turn 18…which ever would happen first…but i think once you file for emancipation your parents have to leave you alone…i’m not sure…just get online and look it up…..i’d be quick if i were you….


          In Georgia, once a kid turns 17, the parents can’t legally kick them out, but if they move out on their own, the parents can’t make them come home. Sort of a double standard, but that’s how it is.


            The first comandment in the bible with a promise following it is that if you obey your parents all will be well with you. Now if your parents hurt you physically or there are drug deals going on in the house or you are being trully abused in some way then you need to seek outside help and find somewhere else to go other than home. But if your parents are just trying to love you and do what is best for you please go home and hear them out. My dad sent me to live with my mom when I was 13 because I was in rebellion. How I wish that I would have just let him love me and parent me. I do not regret all of the things that have happened since then ONLY becuase I have given my life to the Lord and He has turned them for good and given me the ability to relate to others going through simmilar issues. If any of my past hurts or mistakes can help someone make different choices than I did then Praise God. But please honey dont do what I did. I am almost 10 years older than you. When I was 16 I had already slept with several guys had a couple pregnancy scares done all kinds of drugs and I was bouncing from house to house. at some points in my teenage years I was eating raw food out of gardens at night, panhandling for money, and I lived in a tent in a garage and was being sexually taken advantage of by the guys who lived there. If you and your boyfriend are meant to be then it will work out someday but please go home to your parents while you still can….Love and prayers Meg

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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