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      [b]My last period was March 17,2009 and it lasted until March 21 or 22,2009.

      On April 3,2009.I had sex with my boyfriend.Of course not being smart we didnt use protection. And he actually did cum inside of me

      Now im worried because it was two weeks after my last period.And two weeks before my next period, which is suppose to be on Friday, April 17,2009.

      Its too early to take a pregnancy test because it’ll most likely be negative.But i read that you ovaluate 14days before your next period.Which was exactly 14days from april 3 to april 17.

      Is there a chance i could be pregnant???????
      i mean i’ve been haveing like stomach pains/cramps.And im always running to the bathroom. And im always tired.But if i am i need to know.Because my child’s life would be in danger because i suffer from a eating disorder..



        it never hurts 2 take a pregnancy test. im only 15 and my baby is due May 31, 2009. if u suffer from an eating disorder, i wud see an ob/gyn immediately 4 more accurate results


          u r right u can get pregnant then. but its to early to get any tell tale signs that u r till u miss ur period. its to early to take a test. but if u r worried c ur doctor.


            yeah i want to take a test.
            but i gotta wait till i miss my period or whatever. And that seems like forever


              hey sweety i suggest u take a blood test as they are more accurate then hpts which will only give u a safely accurate reading if ur roughly a week late for a period, but with a blood test results are accurate and speedy 🙂 good luck


                Hey there girl!, im alex 20 with a 18 months old baby girl…well Meg ask me give you some advice…you may be wondering why… well ive been suffering from eating disorders since i can remember it has affected me in so many ways that you wouldnt believe, my heart, liver, kidneys, eyes, bones, ovaries, are damaged for the rest of my life, i would never have a normal function,… To star things, i got pregnant at 17, i was really scared i even hurted myself, telling my parents was the most difficult thing for me to do, but i told them because i was scared that my eating disorders could affect my baby in any way, i weighed 38 kgs 3 months before i got pregnant and im 166 cms tall so that was really harsh for my body, im also hyperthiroid and they told me that i would never have kids, well they were wrong, i weighed 40 kg by the time i got preg, because all of this i had a really dangerous pregnancy for both me and my baby, they have to check me every month, being pregnant and with an eating disorder was really hard, even though i tried i still starved myself sometimes, and puked,but the last few months i manged to eat healthy with a few falls in between, i gained 9 kgs through all my pregnancy, it was terrible for me, but every time i felt my baby move inside me, all that fear and sadness dissapeared, i started to think that no matter what, if i was fat or skinny, my baby would loved me no matter what, cause my body nourished her, she lived through me the first months of her life… and now i have the healthiest chubbiest baby i would ever imagined, but i almost lost her, because of my eating disorders, becasue of my selfisshness, so my advice, is if you think you´re pregnant, go to a doctor inmediately, talk to your parents believe me, it isnt as bad as it sounds, my parents werent even angry, they were worried for me and my baby because of my eds. You wont regret it, but you will if you dont look for help.

                Im still struggling but working hard every day to get all that in the past

                Love ALX


                  thanks so much for you message. I really need to find out if im pregnant because if i am then i need to go to the doctors as soon as possible to check out my baby and everything.And im sooo scared because i still throw-up everday and i might be affecting my child

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