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      Hi me and my husband have been trying and this will be our secound month i last had my af on 18/11 and on last saturday i had pain in my lower abomen all day since then this pain has been off and on and also i have been very bloated in the evening and feeling ver sick my cm is very creamy this wil be our secound child but i cant really remember the symptomes from last time. also from the lst 2 days my boobs have been painful and my nipples much more erect. cold this be it but i’m going mad as i’m not expectig my af till 16th so long to wait :blink:


        I myself had early breast tenderness…almost like the feeling when your milk comes in, with my second son….then low and behold about 3 weeks later I took a pregnancy test and it was positive!!! Hope that helps!


          I’m in the same boat as you! My LMP was 11/18. My period is also suppose to sstart the 16 Dec. Well, I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it came back negative, it still may be too early. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. I am having on and off cramps, boobs just a tad bit achy, but that’s it. Oh, and up until a couple of days ago, I had alot of creamy disharge, YUCK! Good luck to you!


            I too am having the same issues. MY husband and I had sex on and around the time of ovulation (or at least I hope, I calculated and I was having the ovulation cramps, cervical fluid was different and the same feeling I do that time of the month) . That was last week. So far this week I have had some minor cramps in my lower abdomen, my breast are very swollen but not sore, I was slightly bloated and in general I feel kind of looped. I’m not due for my next period until 12/20 or 22. This will be my first so I have no idea if these symptoms are just me getting myself work up but I’m really hoping this is the real deal. I also realize these could be signs of my upcoming period. Any thought?


              I’m also in the same boat as you…last af on 18/11, next one supposed to start today, but no sign so far. I’ve been having similar symptoms too…the stomach cramps, tender achy breasts, also nausea and headaches…am planning to test in the week if af doesn’t show by monday, since I’ve never in the year and a half i’ve been on the pill been any later than four days pill-free coming on…fingers crossed for every1 that we get the test results we’re after…I’m hoping its +ve 🙂

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