Help with baby names!!

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      Well ladies I am pregnant with my first child!! And I have no clue what to name my baby! All I know are the middle names.

      Boys middle name: Denny (My boyfriends brother from another mother and my very close friend, whom passed away Sept. 1st)

      Girls middle name: Lyn (My sisters name)

      I like strong traditional names for a boy, but for a girl I would like something unique. Nothing too crazy, but something that is perfect for my little one! I am just having a hard time picking out some. Maybe, I am just too picky. Any help would be appreciated!


        I’m having the same delay! I’m 27 1/2 weeks along and still haven’t picked a name for my little guy.

        For girl I can suggest Isabella Marie… I was going to name my baby that if it was a girl.


          I’m really bad with names……..but how about Logan or Andrew. Best of luck. Jessica


            hey good luck im 4months pregnant and i dont really know what im calling my baby either i like sienna or charlotte for a girl and cooper or riley for a boy but no idea on middle names so yeah help me out with middle name please


              How about Carlo Denny (Insert last name here)
              And Alyssa Lyn (insert last name here)
              (Sienna Lyn is really nice too but I didn’t want to suggest you steal 17preg’s names!lol!) xx


                hi 17preg! just wanted to let you know that if you want people to answer any questions you have, you should do a new post, not comment on an old one, ok? πŸ™‚


                  I love original names, since im mexican, any name is original here my babys girl is sasha Dayeni, and in the future when i have another girl im gonna name her Casey Dominique


                    my sons name is Odin, he’s named after the Norse God of War so that’s a prety powerful name, I like Benjamin, Reagen, Zach, Dresden…For girls I like Kalista, Raine, Zahara, Skye


                      i Had this problem too with my first child but in the end i finally chose to call her Ellie – May. but now im pregnant again and im stuck between Jaydon or Harvey for a boy and Billie or Grace for a girl. its really hard to decide :S tell me what you think . πŸ™‚

                      Chelseaa -ox .


                        I already know what I’m gonna call my first three babies and what I’ll call them if my first two are twins…I’m prepared but I refuse to tell anyone except my fiance’…I don’t know why but I feel like if I tell people and they don’t like it they’ll have influence on his name and I want them to have meaningful names y’know? i won’t tell anyone until (once i get preggo lol) I give birth and have signed the BC!! lol! x

                        PS RAine is such a pretty name!


                          we have already chosen names.
                          we chose them even before we found out i was pregnant. πŸ™‚
                          Ella Louise Smart for a girl.
                          Marcus Adam Smart for a boy.
                          i’m so excited.. nearly 10 weeks gone!


                            i had a boys name prepared frm the first day i was pregnant – Thomas trevor
                            but when it came to a girls name i was stuck, the middle name was ovbious – louise after my mam but i cusnt think of anything that felt right till we were watching the new rocky film and wondered why his wife wasnt in it lol so we googled it and her real name is Talia and we fell in love with it and when she was born it felt right to name her that =]


                              well for a boy maybe ocean alexzander.and for a girl maybe sofia,or audery.well good luck.~cesi~


                                Cesi I love the name ocean for a boy πŸ™‚

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