Help…please dont know if im preganant!!

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      Please can someone help….i have had all of the symtoms over the last 2 or 3 weeks, my breast are not tender any more but i am still very iritable and need to go to the toilet alot…do you think i could be pregnant? ive taken tests but they all say negative but i havent missed my period yet…..HELP


        You sound pretty pregnant. You should go to the doctor. Jus to make sure.

        Hope everything works out for you;)


          Hi I have endometriosis & also experience most of the "pregnancy" symtoms per month so its just hard to tell if I am pregnant.

          Maybe you should just get tested for any infections as well.


            It could be just stress. How long have you bee stressing about being pregnant? Sometimes when a girl thinks she is pregnant or could get pregnant she stresses and she starts to think she is having the symptoms of pregnancy! But some women do have their periods when they are pregnant and some womens Hcg levels are to low to show a positive test. But some of the syptoms that you described can be from just your period. Girls get that confused alot. You can use the bathroom alot and have tender breasts and food cravings and dizziness when they are or about to have their period. But you cant really know unless you go to the doctors! Have the doctor give you a blood test because that is the most accurate thing to do. How old are you by the way? Good luck and reply to let me know how it goes.


              If you have not missed your period you cannot test the pregnancy. When you have missed your period for at least a week than it may show whether you are pregnant or not. Pre-menstrual symptoms are exatly the same as pregnancy symptoms so if I were you I would not even think about pregnancy yet. You can be pretty dissapointed if it turnes out differently. Good luck.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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