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      okay.. i need some advice.. well heres my story.. me and my bf have been together for a year and 8 months.. im 16 nd hes 17.. i live in toronto ontario.. n he recently moved to edmonton alberta in november with his family.. now hes there n i went to visit him bak in january.. n i came bak after 2 weeks bcuz my parents were threatening to send the police to his house..n kept calling n driving me crazy.. soo i left n came bak home n he came here at the end of march for 2 weeks to visit n he stayed at my house for 3 days or so.. n then he went and stayed at his cuzins.. now hes bak in alberta n my period is 9 days late.. im really scared especially cuz hes soo far away n all.. i want to have this baby.. but its juss im scared of wut my parents r guna do.. bcuz in may hes coming here.. but he wants to go bak to alberta together n live at his parents house and so do i bcuz its really the only choice we have at the moment.. and hes makin alotta money there.. but i kno if i go there my parents r guna keep calling n yelling at me telling me to go home.. n it gets really frustrating.. i dont know wut to do.. my parents already have told me if i leave and go there agen they will get soo mad.. n they say hes the guy he shud come here but there we have a place to stay.. i live in an apartment soo theres really no room here.. im scared n im confused.. do u think they cud do anything? or the police cud do anything?.. do u have any suggestions.. i really love reading all the stories on here it helps me soo much.. i feel so realived that ppl are goin through the same thing that i am.. sometimes i juss feel so alone. =( well i wud really appreciate any feedback. thankks!


        well i dont no about over were you live but here in england you can leave home wen u r 16 and your parents cant do anything about it. im 16 too but i live at home with my mum but my bf lives here with us lol. you sould be alowd to go and c your bf, just because hes the man doesnt mean he has to do all the traveling. if u are pregnant then i suggest you dont have an abortion because u will regret it so much. if your parents get the police involved i dont think they could do anything. just tell them that you want to be together for the babys sake because you dont want to bring a baby up by yourself and show them that you are happy living with your bf and u have enough money and stuff and i dont think they will do anything. good luck x


          thank for the reply its gud to kno im not the only one on here going through this kind of stuff..hope to hear from u again


            First, take a test to see if you are for sure preggo. Or do you know for sure? I’m confused… Second, find out what the age laws are in you province or in Canada in general. In USA you have to be 18 to do pretty much anything, but you can get emancipated. Thats a hard process though. I know there are places around the US that help in this situation, there might be some there but you’d have to look. You need to get care asap if you want to have a healthy baby. If he and you are both ok with having this baby then tell your parent. But also show them that you both are ready that he has a job and a place for both of you to live. They cannot force you to get an abortion. In US they can’t make that decision after the age of 12. If you show them you two have a plan, then they might not yell and call. They will still care though, don’t get me wrong.
            Hope i sorta helped.



              I know it all seems really mad at the moment, but take a deep breath – things are never as bad as they seem. You’re in a loving relationship and you have a family that loves you enough that will try to do anything to stop you from leaving them (even though that’s not what you want) If you are pregnant, you already said that you want to keep your baby which is definitely the right thing to do. Even though your parents might get mad, they only get mad because they love you and it’s probably the only way that they feel they can protect you and stop you from leaving them and going to live in Alberta. Imagine that you have a baby that you love more than anything – you change their nappies, comfort them in the night, see them through the good times and the bad, and when they get old enough to make their own decisions, they want to leave you and live with someone else that you don’t really know. It must be really hard for them too. When they actually realise what’s happening though, their anger will turn to love and eventually they’ll be proud of you for keeping your baby and making the right choice in a difficult situation. Remember, your parents have raised you up and loved you and even though they might be saying some horrible things, deep down they must really, really love you, otherwise they wouldn’t be putting themselves through all this. What ever you do, please don’t get an abortion, you’d regret it for the rest of your life. I’m sure you’ve read some of the stories on here saying the same thing. Maybe the best thing to do is to try and stop the fighting with your parents by trying to sit down with them and get them to see your side of the story- tell them to listen and not to say anything at all until you’re finished, and then try and have a civilised talk about how you can sort this out, also have an open mind and look at this as if you where your parents- it may help you come to happy outcome. I was in a situation a little bit like this a few years ago when I thought my girlfriend was pregnant. We nearly did something that I would have regretted for the rest of my life.
              I really hope it all turns out well, keep praying and good will definitely come your way – Have faith. You’ll be in my prayers. And remember, if you are pregnant, this little life is a gift for you (and your family) to cherish, don’t waste it.
              God bless.

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