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      I am not pregnant. My 15 year old sister is.

      I don’t know what to do, and I don’t know what to tell her.

      I do not want her to keep the baby, I think she should either abort or put it up for adoption.

      My mom wants her to have an abortion, but my sister doesnt want to do that. Can my mom force her to have an abortion?

      My mom will not let her move out, and my little sister is not even old enough to work. She is not in high school, and cant even drive. She cant support a little one. What do we do?


        Wow!!! How can u want someone else to abort its not ur body, it should be ur sisters decision NOT URS OR UR MOM…..If ur sister aborts the baby shes gona have the for the rest of her life plus it was not her decision it was urs and ur moms……U guys cant make her do something shes not ready to do, let her keep her baby the baby is gona bring u guys so much joy!!!!!! I had an abotion 5 years ago it was not my choice, every since I have not had peace in my heart, u think ur life is gona go back to normal but it never will !!!!!!


          Hey Shluna…Long time no talk…. I still remember standing in my kitchen making meatloaf and talking to you in the chat…look at your beautiful little girl now, that day you were set on abortion, look at her now, how could you ever look back and imagine her not here with you now….Stand by your sister when she needs you most….you know what it is like and if she doesn’t want the abortion, please support her and help her to be a great mommy just like you are….Love Meg


            I dont think anything came out right in my post. I want everyone to know that I was writing it from my older sisters view. My older sister is set on her having an abortion, not me. I suck with words.
            I dont understand fully why I dont want her to have an abortion, but I just dont.
            I think my sister has been pressured into having one. I dont know what to do. It is set.
            If she keeps the baby she will more then likely get kicked out of the house. How can I or how am I supposed to help her when my family is so dead set against it?


              me im 15 and pregnant mom wants me to abort my baby.. but i dont want to!it’s a bigger sin to murder a baby! me also thought of that thing..but my conscience wont make things easy..


                My sisters abortion was set for today, but it didnt happen. Why? Because she is almost 16 weeks and they wont do that in my state. Now my mom and my sister (older) are going to rent a car to take her to the neighboring state that will do it on Tuesday! What can I do to stop this, and can I? I think they have her convinced this is what she wants, when a few days ago she was dead set against it…

                What do I do?


                  im more that 3 months pregnant..
                  this day and last night and the other night i had experienced bleeding which scares me a lot.. i told the dad about this and requested that i should schedule my check up.. at this day i passed by the clinic of my gynecologist and she told me that she’ll gonna check my baby’s heartbeat before she would prescribe further vits..then there i lay down.. she started to touch and press my stomach..and she told me she can’t fell my baby’s heartbeat..then she added maybe my baby is just small..that’s why..she then told me that i should make a budget for my ultrasound to check if my baby is alive or not..which made my voice shake..

                  i dont want to lose my baby.. now that i have already accepted it with my whole heart.. now that me and angelo were super excited about this.this cant me happening.. i dont want to!!!!

                  give me words of wisdom please…


                    im really sorry to hear your story.but you must be strong and hope for the best im sure your baby is fine my doctor couldnt hear my baby either tell i had my ultrasound and the baby was fine im sure yours is to. 🙂

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