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      im pretty sure im pregnant, my period is late by a week, my boobs are like anchors, im SO tired ALL the time.

      so i thought that maybe i should let the dad know because he has a right to know(right?!?!) so i called him and was like hey uhhh i think im pregnant, and then he said well i know its not mine so i dont know why your telling me, and i was so heartbroken because i have done so much for this guy before and for him to even have the nerve?!!! are u seriouse?! so i said, u have to be kidding! we NEVER used protection and u have been the only guy i have been with these past couple months! then he said well if u are pregnant, i dont care, just dont tell anyone because im 19 and your 15.

      i was just kinda wondering ya know,i really wanted a father around for my child because i never had mine around until recently, how am i going to cope with this??? help….


        Well tell him if he wont be there you WILL tell the court since its a fellony and a statatory rape. Also he is saying the baby is not his because of the legal situation and he is a coward but if he wont be there put him on child support and if you take him to court and he will get a record and jail time you can file dor sole custody and most likely get it. You have more control than he in this situation then take control.


          i know how you feel. im the same. i really dont know what to do. what can you do.

          your lucky to know your dad. this is when you need your family and close mates but who can you tell cuz they will give you hell.

          if you find a solution please tell me. x


            ugh., idk how to help you or whatever but., i think iswaggalicious is right., you have to fight for your right., and your baby’s right., if he really doesn’t care about you., tell him it’s ok., just support his child., btw., did you take a test?


              I agree, you should take him to court if he doesn’t wanna help. It’s just as much his responsibility for this child as it is yours. If he didn’t wanna go to jail, then he should have used some sort of contreaception. That’s not fair. He’s technically an adult, so there’s no reason why he should be such a coward and an idiot. He’s a grown up so he should act like one. Yes, because he is an adult, he would go to prison for statutory rape because you are a minor. My bf just turned 18 and I’m 15 so we can’t have sex…even if we could, we are waiting till mairrage..but just be careful when confronting him about ur child. If you want him to help, tell him that he needs to pay child support or be there or whatever you want him to do or else you will take him to court and he will go to prison tried as an adult raping a minor. You have the control here…take advantage of it 🙂 Use girl power honey. I’m sorry that he’s being such a jerk.


                The first thing that I would recommend would be to take a test. It’s important to know whether you’re pregnant or not so that if you are you can start taking care of that little life in your tummy.
                I’m so sorry to hear about your situation with your baby’s father. I’m sure he’s just as scared as you are. It’s just as big a surprise for him as it is for you. That’s not to say that his reaction is okay.
                You can cope and I know you will. It’s hard and scary at first, but like I said, the important thing is to take care of yourself and your baby.
                Take a test and let me know what happens!



                  Wow what a jerk.
                  Just for that you should get him in trouble.


                    I just want to pop in here as the voice of reason so to speak…by engaging with you in sexual activity your bf has broken the law, he is an adult and you are legally considered a child, he has committed a sexual offense whether you consented or not…have you found out if you are pregnant or not yet? I strongly encourage you to talk with your parents or an adult you are close to because your bf is an adult and he should know better than to have sex with you, I don’t think it is right to threaten him with turning him in just to get what you want out of the situation…I personally believe he should be turned in no matter what because he is breaking the law but obviously all I can do is encourage you to do so because our only communication is through the internet…anyways, let me know if you have had a positive test and I am here for you to help you in any decision making you need to do…Love Meg


                      It has been 2 weeks since i found out i was officially pregnant. At this point im scared and lost, and im seriously looking into adoption. The babys father flat out refuses to be a part in his childs life because he still believes that its not his. I have thought of abortion but i just… cant do it. I want my daughter or son to have the life i never had, to be able to be proud of his or her parents, to be able to go to her friends and say yep thats my mom and i love her. If i keep my child, i will never have the time to be with her between school and probably getting a job. She or He deserves everything in life, and most of that i wont be able to provide…

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