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      I am 10 weeks pregnant and my fiance is in the army and stationed in GA. My parents so desperately want the abortion and I do not. I have no way of supporting myself or my child without either my parents or my fiance and am at a loss. They all say that they support my decision no matter what it is, however, I told them that I want to keep my child and that changed dramatically. My parents aren’t speaking to me and the wedding is currently called off. I am unsure of what steps I would need to take to start prenatal care because my parents removed me from their insurance. I am in college and alot older than some of the people in my situation. I just cannot see how everything changed so quickly. My parents have always supported (paid for things) my entire life and now all they want to help me with is receiving an abortion. They told me that they do not want to be bothered with children. My fiance already has a daughter and says he is not ready for a second child. We have been dating 3 years and planning a life together; now we have hit our first obstacle and things are drastically changing. I want to have my baby and my family. It just doesn’t seem to be working that way. 🙁


        I fell your pain. I am pregnant with number 4 and my husband wants me to get an abortion. He said if I keep the baby, he is leaving. I have asked for support and everyone says the same thing, and it all makes sence. If you want this baby, keep it. This is 100% your decision. Your family will get over it with time and if your fiancee leaves you for having his child, then he doesnt sound like a very good candidate for a loving, supportive husband. Sorry if that is harsh, but that is the decision I have made for myself. I would love to talk if you want to, just email me.


          wow. such a similar circumstance we are in! me and my husband have been together for 3 and a half years, he is in the army and stationed at ft stewart in GA and im in our hometown of austin, tx. im 18 years old, busted my a** all summer to graduate early, and here iam 39 weeks preggo with a baby girl. my parents said they wouldnt support me and that it wasnt even considered a child yet i cried and cried and for weeks i thought it would never get better, it was absolute hell. but for some reason, i stood my ground. my mom even called my boyfriend on the phone and convinced him having a baby would ruin my life! so she had even temporarily turned him against me! what about your fiancee? can he not give u any money for the baby? my parents provide the roof over my head, my husband provides the rest. everything i have bought for our daughter has been with OUR money. and it feels so good to not have to rely on anyone to provide for my daughter. and trust me, hes only an E2 and we are making it on his salary. hopefully ur fiancee is higher up than my hubby is, lol. but what i mean to tell u is, abortion is something u will probably regret for the rest of your life. having a baby isnt. iam so happy and excited, iam amazed that me and my husband, the love of my life have created another human being. and even tho there will certainly be struggles, i know my baby was conceived for a reason. =) my story is on the main page, titled keep your head up girl if u wanna know more. but i think u shud keep ur baby and i PROMISE PROMISE PROMISE you, everyone WILL eventually come around! for weeks my parents said the most horrible things to me, but God works wonders and now i wouldnt be suprised to find out my mothers more excited about this baby than iam! take advantage of ur resources, and wen people realize they cannot change ur mind u will be overwhelmed with the love and support they will probably come to show you. if u have ANY doubts about abortion, it isnt the right thing to do. i can tell from the way u wrote ur post that you truly want this baby. so stand up girl, and do whats in your heart!! i did. and i feel my life has been so much more fulfilled and amazing since i stood up for me and my baby, and chose to give her life. make sure u keep me updated and let me know how ur doing, regardless of what u choose, iam here to support u as we all are. just 8 or so months ago, i wrote a desperate post too looking for the right answer and everyone told me to do what i felt in my heart, and i did and ive never looked back! god bless!! being an army wife is hard, but worth it, by the way;)


            Honey first of all i wanna say that i’m sorry things are happening this way for you. I also want to say that there are programs out there that you can receive aid from. If you dont want an abortion DONT DO IT….just because other people want you to. You have to do what’s best for you. Also, i really hope your parents come around, because how can they say that they dont want to be bothered by children? THEY HAVE SOME!!, i dont understand why they would say that. As for your fiance, i think you need to seriously rethink that because he needs to step up to his actions and just because he already has a daughter, doesnt mean he cant have this one also. It doesnt make sense. I really hope things turn out for the best for you. If you need to talk, you can always e-mail me.


              its your choice no one elses at all…. just give your family some time and they will come around i promise they always do…my mom when she found out she didnt talk to me for like a month but then i started showing and now she is behind me 100%…take care and let us know what you decide


                  When it comes down to your family, they’ll get over it. They are probably just disappointed right now (my mother was) and as for your fiance’, if he loves you he’ll support your decision just like you supported him by being with him and he has a daughter. Stay strong.



                    i am in the same boyfriend left me because his parents wont agrre to our marriage and he wanted me to have an abortion because he says it will ruin his life. my parents have stopped talking to me, am alone, he is such a coward, he cant even stand up to his dad and voice out what he wants and what he needs. he does everything they want him to do.

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