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      I went to the OB today and had a Ultra Sound..The Doc says I’m about 5 1/2 weeks…Can see a sack in my uterus but can’t see an embryo inside the sack…Says this may be to soon or I have a abnormal preganancy and headed for a miscarriage…The reason I went was because I started spot very little no cramping though…What should I do? Be sad or just wait it out…He said there was a chance it could change in a few days and he would be able to see something besides a empty sack of fluid…or I could miscarry..


        I would wait and see what happens. Hopefully everything will be OK. It sounds like the doctor was trying to prepare you for the worst-case possibility of miscarriage. I haven’t had to go through a miscarriage but I have several friends and relatives who have. I know how sad it can feel. I will be thinking and praying for you and for your baby. Hang in there.


          unfortunly i know how you feel and i know what your going through. When i was 17 i got pregnant. Around 6 weeks i spotted a little. Just one small drop of blood. i had no cramps or anything. i called my dr and she sent me to the hospital for an u/s. they told me i was 5weeks 6days and the babies hb was 121. they told me everything was fine. Well the next day my bleeding came back. They kept telling me verything was fine. Fianlly after a week of bleeding (it got heavy after a couple days) they did another u/s and the babies hb was only 62. well i had a miscarriage.
          I got pregnant again a year later. when i was 5 weeks 6 days i spotted again. just one drop of blood. i didn’t even bother to call my dr. i knew i was going to loss this baby too. the next day i decided to call and they sent me in for an u/s and they told me the hb was 121!! the same as last time. I prepared my self for the worse. Well to my surprise the bleeding never came back. Two weeks later i had a another u/s and the baby had grown and was right where it was supposed to be. the baby’s hb, 166!!! i was so relieved. And then 5 weeks later i had another u/s i got to see the baby’s face, and arms and little toes!! i have another u/s on friday to find out what i’m having!! i’m so excided! i’m 5 months now!!
          I guess what i’m trying to say is you never know what’s going to happen. Everything could be fine. Just pray that things are fine.

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