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      I’m on a pill known as Ginet 84 and at the start of the month {3rd, 4th + 5th} I accidentally forgot to take the pills. On the fourth day I got a withdrawal bleed which made me realize that I had forgotten to take them and I took a pill at the usual time. I continued with the pill and after seven days I had sex {without a condom} with my partner. Should I be worried?

      The same thing happened 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th. I forgot my pill and had sex without a condom two or three times during those days. I did an ovulation calculator test {online} and it said I would have been ovulating {roughly around those dates} if I went from the date I begun the withdrawal bleed.

      Yesterday {24/01/2013} I had light brown spotting that only lasted a couple of hours before it disappeared completely. Not even enough to fill one of those small panty liners {sorry if TMI}.

      I’m just very confused and need advice about what I should do. I’m driving myself insane over here!


        Hey there, I am not a doctor so I cannot tell you an accurate risk factor…different pills have different effects and each womans cycle varies and can be changed by the slightest hormone change….I personally do NOT trust pills and other contraceptives and they are NOT 100% effective to prevent pregnancy and the hormonal side effects CAN be dangerous to your health, What I suggest is avoiding ALL sexual contact at least until you know for sure if you are pregnant or not, that way if you are not pregnant you will not risk pregnancy while you wait to find out…make sense? Anyways, Do that and then visit , Enter your postal code into the site and it will give you the contact info for the closest Pregnancy Help Center near you where you can get FREE and CONFIDENTIAL help, including a pregnancy test and an ultrasound if needed….I am here for you for the emotional part…For me, Unplanned pregnancy turned out to NOT be the end of my world, it turned out to be the beginning of a love I never knew existed…She is almost 11 years old now and has changed my life for the better…so no matter what the test says…Don’t freak out…Even difficult things have a way of turning out good! <3 Let me know what you find out! Love Meg

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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