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      my friend just told me she is about 4 weeks pregnant from a rape. she is considering an abortion but i know that’s not right for her. the reason she would have one is because she’s scared of telling her parents. what can i do? i love her more then anything.


        just talk to her…see what she really wants to do…and let her know that telling her parents wont be as bad as she thinks it will be i thought my mom was going to kill me when i told her and look my mom is supportive which is exactly what i need my step father is the exact same way but more happy because he’s going to have another grandchild!! just talk to her and make her explore all the decisions before she decides… butin the end it is her decision and you have to respect that


          well thats a little tricley as she is preg from a rape, you have to considerb the child and what it wil feel like being the affects of a rape, you say its not best for your friend its good that u think that but shes is the only one that can decide i know you want to help but it has to be here decission. telling her parents will be hard but if its what she wants to do she has to tell them asap so they can help her out she is going to need all the help she can get.


            May I ask how old your friend is? may i ask if she reported the rape? Even if it is or is not a pregnancy from a rape… does she really want an abortion? Tell he to honestly think about it. That (I believe) is murder. I have a friend that her mom was raped. Her mom placed her for adoption and she is soooooooo grateful to her. Her paretns shouldnt get mad especially if it is a rape situation. Also show her that video clip on here tha explains exactly how abortions work. I was desperate at one point and looked into abortion as well…. twice. But both times made me sick and I look back at it now and i cant believe i even thot of killing my own precious little baby. tell her to please please please not do anything like that. i have never heard of one person that does not regret it! tell her to talk to her parents…and if for some reason she really wont i honestly think you should!! you cant go through a pregnancy or abortion alone and both are emotionally draining. she is going to need a big support system and parents are good for that! please tell her if she needs ANY help at all i am here as i am sure many other girls (and even a few guys) are too. she is not alone in this and she can be helped. she just needs to be willing to ask for it.


              yeah have her watch this video its called "The Hard Truth" and the website is


                All I can say is tell her about me. Tell her I was raped. It’s called date rape. I couldn’t bare to tell my parents either. In fact to this day they don’t know. I wish with all my heart I could go back and give my baby life. I see children running around and I think that’s about how old my baby would be. Don’t let her make the same mistake.

                gina lynn

                  i think you should tell your friend that she shouldnt worry to much about telling her parents, they probably wont be mad at her because its not her fault. but its not the baby’s fault either. the baby still deserves a chance at life regaurdless of the circumstances of how it was concieved, it’s still a human being. im sure this is very hard for your friend but tell her that if she keeps the baby she will not regret it for a single moment… it will be worth it, and her parents will probably be supportive.

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